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Ok unless I missed some thing....You are COOKING everything going in the STERILE jars... You are then only REFRIGERATING the sauces and not attempting to store at room temp...You added sufficient SALT that it tastes salty and ACID such as Vinegar and Lime Juice...Martin correctly suggested achieving a PH below 4 ( C. botulinum is a lipase positive microorganism that grows between pH of 4.8 and 7)...Considering and Orange is about 4.6, an Apple is about 3.3 and a Lemon is about 2.4, IF your BRINE is more sour than an APPLE you don't need no meter to tell you, you are fine and have a sufficiently low PH... That being said... If Refrigerated and only refrigerated, the Cooked Hot Sauce will be Completely Safe to consume for several Months. Why are you not cooking, mixing and pureeing, all in one step? The only risk of re-contamination is when you take the sterile sauce out of the jars to puree the sauce. Even though you are cleaning the jars there are risks unless you bring the newly pureed sauce up to a boil. There can be contamination, from Air, Blender, Utensils, a variety of sources. Below is a good read for further info...JJ

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Chef, first off thanks for that little rule of thumb, it had crossed my mind to just do it and get it over with but for some anal reason I thought maybe leaving little bits the way I did would some how help enhance the flavor before blending, yeh I know pretty goofy huh, it's still the same ingredients no mater how it looks so I've now made a little more work of it than need be but I won't make the same mistake twice,

 All of you have helped me to breathe a little easier, I posted this same question on a few other forums and you folk are the only ones who offered and assitance all of the links you provided will be very helpful in the future and I hope you will be willing to offer you wisdom and advice again when needed. My name is Don and I'll be canned and picled plum crazy.

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Our helping with greater detail and without making you feel silly for asking a question is what makes us the Go To site for so many types of cooking and smoking questions...JJ

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Well I guess it only appropriate to check back and let you all know I'm still alive. The hot sauce turned out good so good I have made 2 batches since the original post. I still intend to learn how to properly store for long term. Here is a pic of the last jar of sauce, I take a couple of 5 oz bottle to work every day and they are pretty much gone when I come home. I really like it.

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