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Need some new equipment!

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Hey guys and ladies!  My name is Jim and I am new to the forums, although I have been poling around for a while.  I have been smoking for about a year now on my little Brinkmann with a lot of success.  I decided it is time to upgrade :) as if it wasn't inevitable!  I am looking for another charcoal job but I want something that can double as a regular charcoal grill I had the Master Forge Charcoal Grill from Lowes in mind because from what I understand they sell a separate side mountable fire box, and from what I've read with just a few small mods its not so bad.  I just really don't want to spend another $200-300 for something thats gonna rust out in a matter of a few seasons I'd rather spend a little more money now.  My other option is attempting to modify my Brinkmann 4 burner gas grill which is getting ready for the scrap metal pile and purchasing something along the lines of a WSM 22".  My main problem is that there are so many darn choices out there I'm not sure where to start so I figured I'd try to get some opinions!  Thank you in advance!*

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A Backwoods Party would be a great unit, check it out
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