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Saturday Ribs WSM 18.5

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Well its not the ideal day to smoke with the temp @ 30 degrees in Neb but I finished up my windbreak for my WSM so had to try it!

Its just 4 pc of 2X4 "chip board," 4 hinges, a couple of eyelet hooks, and a role of Reflectix, and some exterior paint I had left over in the garage and done.  I attached to pieces together with hinges so they fold up flat for stoarage and then hook the 2 sets together with eyelet hooks.

 Its hard to see but I have my Maverick mounted on the outside.

So we have some baby backs rubbed and ready to go in and see how it works.

I put them in @ 12:30... temp now is holding at @ 240 and steady.


So far so good!

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Do you have the smoker completely boxed in?


If so, I would be a little worried about air flow.  I also use a wind-break but always leave one side open for air.  Usually the downwind side so that gusting doesn't affect the cook.


Ribs are looking great!!  Let's see them when they're done!!!


Good luck,



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Its boxed in now.. with the wind it has no temp issue, running steady right at@255. I can adjust the openings with the hinged sides. I might cut some notches in the bottom if air circulation becomes a issue.
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Oops should be 250, not 225
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Just after the foiling and now to the final hour...

And the final product...

I didnt put any sauce on them as the kids like the sauce on the side.

The meat fell off the bone... that was great. They were just on the dry side for my taste. I added a cup of appple juice to each rack when I foiled them and the apple juice was almost evaporated after the 2 hours. The temp was constant @250 to 260 all the time.


I did not spritz them though during  the smoke as I have read some people do, will have to try that next time to keep in the moisture. I had water in the pan, not sand as some use.

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Beautiful ribs.              looks_great.png             I'm starving for some ribs and the WSM i ordered is stuck on the East coast in a snow storm. It's killin me.

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 Looks-Great.gif Mike. Nice job on the windbreak too!


I have his big brother sitting in the garage wondering what's wrong with its owner. th_dunno-1[1].gif..... soon I hope!

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Nice job on the wind break, and the ribs look great too. 

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Being in the cold climates of Canada and strong prairie winds I think I will build myself one!  Nicely done!


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Good job! ... and tastey looking ribs to boot!

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