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This is what I know.  There are 6 presets available.  So you can set it to cook at one temp for a certain amount of time and then it will change the temp, up to 6 different settings. You can tell it to cook at a certain temp for a specificied amount of time which is what I normally do, Or you can have it cook at a temp until the internal temp reaches a certain point.


The first thing I recommend is to run the auto tune.  The manual tells you how to do that I don't remember exactly how to do it but it isn't that complicated.  What it will do is allow the pid to adjust itself to your smoker..  Depending on the insulation and type each smoker heats and cools differently,  The autotune may take a couple hours but you just need to do it once unless you change something in the smoker.


After the autotune is done press set and you will see EO1, EO2 etc.  That means end of time for each preset. t means time and F means temp.  Normally I just set it to t and click the + or- button to set the amount of time that it cook at that temp.


There are two probes probe one is the smaller smoker temp probe.  Probe 2 is the meat probe.  They both need to be plugged in or the alarm goes off.  I dont usually use the meat probe so I just leave it hooked up but keep it outside the smoker  the smoker temp probe must be inside the smoker otherwise it wil think the smoker is not hot enough and the burner will keep running . 


Don't worry. It took me awhile to figure things out and there is still alot of stuff I dont know about it  but the more you ise it things will become obvious.


Let me know if you have other questions

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hi fish killer

what size PID is it that you are running.

i have the one good for 1500 watts, they are trying to get me to upgrade to the 1800 watt model but it will end up costing me $60 extra by the time i ship this one down and get the other one here. i have the AUBERINS WSD-1204CPH .... seems to be ok, had it up to 300 in cold weather. Frank wants to do the mod on it but i have decided to bite the bullet and if it blows it blows, then i will get it upgraded during the repair.

it blew a fuse but not during running, i think i plugged it in and it was turned on. then i put in a 10 amp fuse and it has run great....

Frank recommended i go into the setup and change the parameters so it runs at 80 - 90 % ...

by the way, Frank is from Auberins ...  lol


thanks again

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I got 1800 watt one. I read about people having problems with overheating with the lower wattage ones.
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this Frank guy is awesome from Auberins, i can send it back and he will do the mod for $15.

so accommodating its really nice to deal with him.

my fault for skimping on $30, now the shipping both ways will be alot more ... but i will have a top drawer unit and wont worry about anything.

doing 4 loins of canadian bacon this weekend and have 2 bellies brining for bacon next weekend so im on a roll.

thanks again for all your help

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