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Canadian Bacon

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I helped Jetman make some canadian bacon ..he did most the work I was just the extra hands to help ...turned out OH so Good ...he is out of town working so I finished the slicing and packing for him.  We decided this time to roll it all in pepper ,and slice it a bit thicker  #5.25 on his slicer , sliced it while it was frozen works much better that way (less shredding of the meat). The pepper is only a slight flavor enhancer not overbearing at all !!!

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Looking good!
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Nice bacon!

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drool.gif  yummmmmmm

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Nice looking bacon Viking Queen. Don't be so modest, we all know that Jetman didn't do any of the work on that CB! ROTF.gif

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Looks great! 

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That won't last long. Helping a friend is always a good thing but I doubt if that much would make it to his fridge if I was helping.icon_eek.gif

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Thank you sweetheart, you did a great job. Please save a little for me...pretty please popcorn.gif



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