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Originally Posted by jrod62 View Post

Good looking UDS icon14.gif

Thanks jrod62
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Originally Posted by Smokin John View Post

Pulled pork cooked today. I welded the casters on and added a bottle opener. I need to install a grommet or something to run the wire from my temp guage into the pit. I'll get that done tomorrow. I am looking for some kind of chromed out pig to put on this UDS - add a little bling. If I can't purchase one, I am think about cutting a pig out of a sheet of chrome diamond plate. If anyone has any ideas let me know.

Nice looking money muscle slices.  9 9 9 9 9 9's all across the board!  Nice looking UDS as well.  I will be leaning on this thread when I finally get around to building one.  Thanks for posting.

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I put a pig sign on the front of my cooker. I pasted it on a piece of metal I had and spaced it 1/2 in from barrel. It really looks nice however my pic doesn't really show it well. I have got to get a business name plate made to put on this sweet thing. My wife said this is my other woman. Well I got to spend my money on somebody, plus she is a really good cook.

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Looks pretty cool to me.

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OK; I am done, finis, kaput, over and out. I put in the last grate today from Lowes. I guess they say the grate business is good see-n-how I bought the last two that were on the shelf the other week. I've got a big fat brisket marinating in the frig that I will be putting on in just a few hours. I have enjoyed the build and the chance to share with the Forum Community. God bless all.
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Beef Brisket was awesome. It went so fast I hardly got to take any pics.

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Very nice build!! And great looking Q as well.
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Thanks Denny74
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OK I am getting ready to start on my second UDS. This will be super since I got the blueprint. Red is my favorite color so you know what color this baby is going to be. I've already given her a name, Lil Betty. Got my 1" ball valve, inlet caps and threaded pipe. I am going to purchase a new Weber and salvage the parts. I figure after I subtract the usable parts from the $99 + tax that I will have to pay for the unit, I will come out with about $40 invested.

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I've gotten the top of my UDS cut out and the intake holes drilled. It is ready to be burned out. I am also building a 55 gal horizontal grill. I got the door cut and it's ready to be burned. Anybody need a 3/4" ball valve inbox me.

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Just finished the second UDS. It is ready to cook a brisket however I still need to add some goodies

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Put the handles, tool hanger, fire basket, meat probe inlets, and pizza pan deflector. All I need to do is add my homemade BBQ Pig label on. I started a new build on a grill also.

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how much was it to sand blast the drums?

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Nice UDS build.  I like the hinged lid ider :)



Originally Posted by Maple Sticks View Post

Originally Posted by Smokin John View Post

As they say, " A picture is worth a thousand words".


You got my dog licking the screen.

I don't care who you are that's funny right thar!




Originally Posted by dirtsailor2003 View Post

Between building boats and smokers I spend way to much time and money at Harbor Freight!!

Join the club :)

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The cost for sandblasting the drums was $20 each.
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Here are my drums along with an open grill that I made by cutting a 30 gallon barrel in half and welding the ends together. I would not have believed it had I not seen it with my own two eyes, I got a 24 hour burn in my UDS and still had a small amount of charcoal left.

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I couldn't wait for the local college kids to start setting their Weber grills out on the curb, as they clean their apartments getting ready to go home for the Summer, so I bought one off the Craigslist. I paid $40 bucks for it; it's in good condition. I got a cover with it that fits my UDS perfectly. The racks I slavaged for a future build and of course I used the lid on my other barrel. I will use the bottom part of the grill to store my pecan and hickory wood that I have cut into small chunks. So this grill has been recycled and the landfill has a bit more space. 

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Just finished this UDS build and giving it the final burn. I was able to purchase the lid from a guy who had posted his grill on Craigslist. I competed in a KCBS event this past weekend at The Capital Cookoff in Lexington, NC and used my Big Red UDS to cook my beef brisket. I finished 13th in brisket out of the 71 teams competing and 16th overall. That is really awesome C N how I built my cooker out of spare parts that I had around the garage. I beat some of those guys who had $15,000 + factory made cookers.

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Here is my latest build. I am starting on my next UDS.
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