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Anyone smoke prior to dehydrating?

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I heard this comes out really good. Just wondering if anyone has a procedure for it. How long to smoke and how long to dehydrate.


I have an electric smoker so I can control the heat pretty well.


Also, would I still need to marinate if I'm smoking the meat first?



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Rdefino, I just smoked a flat cut brisket for a co worker so he could do exactly what you are talking about.  I figure he'll know in a day or so.  I've never done it.  I simply seasoned, but you "can" marinate if you like from what I've ready.  I don't know if it's a huge difference or just preference oriented on that.

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Some folks smoke at about 120 to 150, most use a AMNPS in their smoker and do so for about two to 3 hours, then finish it of in the dehydrator.  Most is Personal preference on time smoked and the temperature they do it at.  And YES marinate the meat before Smoking; this adds a ton of flavour.  Search the Internets for recipes, there are about a million of them, any flavour you want.


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I cold smoke prior to dehydrating my my jerky
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My Salmon jerky is always smoked for 2 hours before going into the dehydrator.

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For jerky, I marinate for 24 hours, smoke using the amnps in my smokin-it #2, for 2 hours, then dehydrate.

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