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Originally Posted by c farmer View Post

I haven't tried the pellet smoker there yet but the dust smoker wont fit there.


Right, the original 6 X 6 AMNS wouldn't fit there (by about 1/2").


That's why we designed the 6 X 8 AMNPS to fit on the bars to the left of the chip drawer.

There's plenty of room in the MES 40, and about 1/8" to 1/4" extra space in the MES 30.thumb1.gif




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The flavor you seek is in a red hot wood farr. Don't add anything, just let it cook.


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Originally Posted by DNA3 View Post

Last night I smoked spare and beef ribs. I used apple chunks thinking it wouldn't over power the meat. The ribs turned out great but my wife and I thought it was too smoky. Thinking about trying pecan chunks and smoke for only the first half then just slow cook with coal til done. Has anyone tried this? I've tried smoking about 4 times now and the smoke flavor is overwhelming. And that's coming from one that loves the smoke! Any pointers?

I usually start the cooking process and then add my wood. 

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