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Smoked veggies on a frosty "morn

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Got up 0630 this cold 14 degree morning to smoke my first veggies (cauliflower,brussel sprouts,and carrots) never did veggies before  I'm mainly a carnivore Ha Ha so here goes 

Made these veggies very happy in some grape seed oil with parsley flakes,garlic and some thyme Then got the smoker fired up and ready

Left them inhale some smoke for a few hours then turned up the heat to about 350 and let them finish AppleMark   Turned out very tasty .Forgot had some turnips in there also


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They look good.....  I would like some blue cheese and ranch dip about now....    

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The veggies look great! So as a fellow carnivore I have to ask... Would you make them again?

icon14.gif Keep Smokin!
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I'll bet those smoked veggies would be most excellent in some sort of curry.

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Great looking veggies!!! We love doing them that way!

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You'd better have a talk with your butcher. He sold you some defective meat. :)

They look really good! We do a lot of asparagus on the smoker, and keep meaning to try Burssels sprouts.

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Wow, Asparagus is our family fave, and I love Sprouts but never get them perfect in the oven.  How long/hot do you do them?

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