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Some Stewed Tomatoes

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Made up 14 qts. of stewed Roma Tomatoes

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I love stewed Tomatoes...But they are out of season, are you able to get tasty tomatoes this time of year where you are at?...JJ

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Im in Wa. there is a co-op here called bountifulbaskets add a  .org for their website. For 15$ you get 30-40 dollars worth of fruits and vegetables. They also have add-on kits you can get. I picked up 50lbs. of Roma tomatoes for for under 25$. They are vine ripened and from mexico I believe.

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Mike...looks really pretty!  Love seeing all those jars lined up on the counter!

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Here is just a portion of my canned goods


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That it cool! Do I see broth too?
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Yes top and bottom shelf on right is canned salmon. Middle shelf on right is some soup and mostly turkey and chicken stock.Left top is all jam,jelly, and marmalade.The rest is vegies and spaghetti sauce. What you cant see is 2 more shelves all stocked up. I have 3 months of food for the 3 of us at all times( just incase).

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All I have right now canned is Pepper sauce, apple and pumpkin butter, pumpkin puree for pumpkin breads.  Going to have much more this summer.  Getting my "canning fever again".  I am also doing the "being aware" for "just in case".


Have wondered about the bones from chickens to make stock out of a canning it...just havent done it yet.  Would be better than store bought.


Thank you for sharing Mike.

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Did you pressure can or water bath the tomatoes and do you add lemon or salt to yours before sealing? I been using a pinch of sugar, I know, I know.... but it makes 'em taste better to me.


The reason I ask about the lemon or salt, I noticed some years the seeds that get thru the process and get in the jar turn black while others do not, so I am assuming either one or the other must be causing it.


BTW is there anything that looks so pretty as a jar of canned tomatoes?


Kath, The years I didn't have a garden or mine didn't make and I wanted to put something up I would go to the local farmer's market, visit with the farmer that had whatever it was I wanted and arrange a bulk deal price at his convience for like a bushel of tomatoes, beets, cucumbers, etc.....


This year I have not even fired to tractor up. <sighs> I blame the new smoker!

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