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Nice job, glad it all went well! That pork looks great.

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Just made Dutches "wicked baked beans", all u can say is holy crap are those good. My friends all wanted to know how I made them. I think I might even can some of those for gifts. If you have not tried them your missing something.
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1/2 done with pulled pork

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Finished the pulled pork following the meowey 2007 instructions. Intended to post more pics but totally forgot when the aroma of fresh smoked meat hit my brain. Finished with SoFlo sauce. Wow, 5 people killed a 5.5 # shoulder and raved about it. Served with Dutche's smoked beans.
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Smoked baby backs last weekend, did them straight up with no foiling using Jeff's rub.
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Thx for posting. Thinking you might wanna start a new thread when posting up some of your que-views....a lot of members might miss this. When prompted, post using the BIG come up much better. Nice job on the ribs...gotta love this smoker......Willie

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I'm now an official member of the Smokin-it club!!  I ordered it today..can't wait!!

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Just got a #2, seasoned it last night. I did have what appeared to be 2 flare ups using the dowels that came with it. I'll try my first smoke like I did the seasoning, and if flare ups continue, I'll try foiling the wood. I'm very excited considering I used an MES 30 for about the last five years (heating element broke, my excuse to upgrade).
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