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Man, how cool is that?  Send a file to the machine shop and get a grill back!


Those ribs sure look good.  How about some more pictures of the smoker finished?

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Sorry about that, Dave.  I have been very busy this summer.  I have been checking in, just not saying much.

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Believe it or not, the smoker is still not finished.  It has been cooking sense April, but we are still adding the final touches to it.  The weather has had us at a stand still for the last few months so we got busy building a pole barn to work under.  We should be getting back to the cooker this weekend.  We will also be putting the big hot grill on the trailer as well.  The laser cutter shop has made things a lot easier.  My welder, Lex, draws everything up in Solid Works 3D and sends it to them.  They send us exactly what we asked for.  The smoker was done the same way.  The entire project is in a computer file.  The best part is that my father-in-law is an engineer and recently bought a 3D printer.  He is going to print us up a model of the rig when we are finished with it.  All we have to do is send him the same file we sent the laser cutter.

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How's the business going Jabo?    Still working the one place or are you doing more now?

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Hey Rib.  Yeah we are currently working in my hometown.  It is a town of about 15,000 with no other sources for bbq, unless you count Sonny's and Ruby Tuesday.  So far, it has been very positive.  We teamed up with the VFW who help us advertise and offer a little extra man power in exchange for a small donation every month.  I don't believe anything helps draw people in like the thought of helping vets.  How have the rains been down there?  They are just starting to ease off up here.  In fact, this is the first time we have gone 3 days without rain since May.  


I am currently in need of a website.  Does anybody know of a reliable web hosting company and/or a good website builder?

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I have a friend who's wife is supposed to be really good at web sites, I'll ask if she can help.


The rain has been horrible, when its not hot enough to melt your brain,  I took up learning to make sausage to stay inside for a while.....


your ribs look darn good there Buddy!

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Jabbo I sent you a PM. I work for a web development company in Canada and would be more than happy to discuss what you need and things to consider in choosing a provider/developer.

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Jabbo... Craig's ( a member here, Missus is a web designer. They say she would be more than happy to help out other members when it comes to designing a site... PM him for further info...
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Thanks for the help and the leads guys.  I will try to follow up with those.


Rib - Thanks for the compliment.  I was pretty proud of those.  They came out really well for some over priced Sam's Club ribs.

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