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Originally Posted by Ribwizzard View Post

The more I think about it, we really need to try to do that.  There is probably at least 10 guys on here that I would really enjoy sitting around and doing some BBQ with, ... somebody with some organization skills needs to come forward and make this happen.

So this would be more like an invitation only get together ? and up in the Jacksonville area...

The S. FL. gathering is of no interest to y'all ?
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Rib, I will look for a way to make it happen. I know that I can't be gone for more than a weekend, though.  As a matter of fact, my wife and I were talking about taking a weekend a going over to Valdosta, Ga, but I don't think a side trip would hurt us.  


JckDanls, shame on you for letting such thoughts cross your mind.  I am not opposed to going down there at all.  It would take a little more planning though.

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I was just thinking of trying to get further North so they wouldnt have to drive so far,  SF gathering would be quite a  drive pulling a pit for Jabbo, 

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I know this thread has gotten off track and I haven't been around in a few weeks, but I have been really busy since summer started.  I have had no less than 2 events per week for the last few weeks.  To top that off, my 8 year old nephew is staying with me for the summer so I can try to give him some manly guidance.  He doesn't have a father and is always surrounded by women.  Needless to say, he is a little on the wimpy side.  I hope I can inject a little testosterone in the boy this summer.  We will be getting back on the build in a few weeks.  Lex, my welder, has been busy with some home improvement jobs so everything is on hold for a while.


On the bright side, my wife has promised to take more pictures at the events, so I should be able to post more of them as the summer goes by.  Stay tuned because there is more to come.

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Lookin forward to it Jabbo! Nice of you to help out with the nephew. I was a member of big brothers/sisters for many years. I'd like to think i made a difference in two young mens lives. ( still keep in touch 30 yrs later).
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An 8lb maul splitting Oak might just do the trick. When your done, send him my way, got a ton of manly work for him...LOL

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Congrats on the build. Too bad my wife refuses to have anything that big in our yard. Im jealous!

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Lost track of this Thread.


RibWizard and Jabbo...we'd love to have you at the South Florida Gathering. We actually moved locations this year to be a little more north and east...its only a little over 220 miles from Jax to Sebring. But i can understand the timing and scheduling dont work out. I have no problem helping you guys plan a JAX gathering as well but PineyWoods already throws a North FL gathering each year...so this might be a NW FL gathering? LOL


Maybe we need a yearly FLORIDA gathering where all the groups meet up.

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It needs to cool down a little first, grilled 40 burgers and sausages for my guys today and I was sweating like a pig. Jeez.


How about making a bar like they have in the pools in Vegas, but with a smoker in it. We could hang in the pool and drink beer while the hog is cooking.......Hotties  in grass skirts bringing us beer.....??? Sound like a plan?


Anybody have a jon boat they want to donate? I got two builds in process right now we could mount right in there.

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Rib, we've had a solution to that problem around here for a long time.  It's called a pontoon boat.  There is nothing like spending a hot summer day floating around the lake on a pontoon.  


Doug I think the thing to do is triangulate a area between us and make that our place.  Then we can see how big it gets over time!!

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What kind of date are you thinking?

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Honestly, I don't know and haven't given it a lot of thought.  I would think it to be better during the summer, but I don't see me being able to get away this summer!

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Today is the first day, in 3 weeks, that it hasn't rained.  My entire yard is very soft and soupy mud.  I can't even move the smoker right now because I can barely get enough traction to drive out of the yard.  I have to park way out by the gate because it is the only place I can get traction.  Needless to say, no work has been done on the rig.  All of the events have been rescheduled or canceled, so we haven't been able to make any money either.

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Good time to stock up on jars of sauce, bags of rub, and packs or jerky...



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Rib, I have been.  It has also given me plenty of time to improve our marketing strategies and even explore a completely new market.  In addition to events and catering, I have been thinking of doing a lunch service for a nearby town.  The idea came to me after doing a lunch fund raiser for the VFW.  I was thinking of passing out menus and offering a delivery service for customers at their place of work every other week.  If people respond well and demand picks up I can increase it to every week, then twice a week and so on.  This would still allow me to attend our main event every month and pick up occasional catering gigs since they are usually on the weekend.  We can still do fund raisers for local charities and, since there is no other source for bbq in the area (other than Sonny's), we should do really well.  I grew up in this town and know a lot of people and it has a big enough market to make it very profitable.  So I think I have used my downtime wisely.  What do you think?

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Originally Posted by Jabbo View Post

I know it has been a long time coming, but here we go.  Me and my friend, Lex, have spent the last few weeks building the smoker in the Solid Works 3D program.  Once we were happy with everything, we sent the file to the steel shop for laser cutting.  It took them about a week and we finally got it back Saturday.  We were pleasantly surprised to find that they had actually tacked the CC an FB together for us.  The cuts were clean and smooth and exactly the right size and placement.  I know I said I was going to build it out of a tank, but it turns out that using the rolled steel would actually save me money in the long run.  All of the openings, even the drain whole were laser cut for us.  They even cut out the door and rolled it to match the CC.  The CC is 60" x 30" and the FB is 26" square.  I know some of you have been waiting a while to see this and I'm sorry to keep you waiting.  I hope you enjoy it and that it will be worth the wait!


This is what we got back from the laser cutter. They took the time to tack the thing together for us.


While you can't tell from the photos, everything was laser cut according according to the the 3D rendering we sent them. We designed it to the specs from the build calculators and it was exact down to the .001".


The entire thing is built out of 3/8 steel.


The FB and WB were made as one giant box with a divider plate between them.


The doors were cut out of the plate and will receive flat bar around them like the CC door. The hole for the exhaust was also laser cut for us.


The exhaust pipe will be inside the WB and exit the top. The total length is 40" tall'


6 air inlets were cut for even air control.


The vents in the WB were cut just in case it gets too warm. We can open them up and release the extra heat.


The RF plate was laser cut, including the drain hole, and a "break" was put in the center so the water will flow out easier. This will be a lot easier than welding a piece of angle between two pieces of plate.


This is my friend Lex. He is doing all of my welding because I do not know how. I have been put on grinding and "help me move this" duty.


The forklift in the shop really came in handy. This thing weighs about 1450 lbs as it is now.


This is my trailer. It is a 13 x 5 utility trailer that is rated for 3500 lbs.


Getting ready to mount on the trailer.


Here she is mounted on the trailer at home. I am in love with this thing already!




Budget for this project?

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Dont forget schools, Buddy of mine had a little hole in the wall taco stand, he got in with some schools bringing in lunch one day a week and that really is what got him rolling. They have three locations now. I believe he is serving some day cares as well.

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Tropez, the cost of the actual build so far is somewhere around $5k.  That cost does include what I convinced Lex to let me pay him.  We expect it to end up being just under $5500.


Rib, that is a good idea.  I will remember that.

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Here are some photos from last Friday.  These ribs were so damn good, people were calling me up asking when I was coming back to town.







There are 12 slabs on this rack.  I have 5 racks total and can cook up to 60 slabs at one time without over crowding.  I absolutely love cooking ribs!!

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They look darn good in the picture.....     Good luck on your new venture and don't forget us....    Dave

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