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Brett, morning.... Looks good....   Get it wired and run it and check for temp uniformity....  Then, using the AMNPS will provide the smoke....  If the unit is air tight, an air inlet and outlet will be required for the AMNPS to burn, and remove the excess moisture.... I can see the moisture build up as being a problem in achieving a great quality smoke....  My suggestion is to look at the recirculating air ducting...   On the top of the chamber, where the fan is, you should be able to find where the return air from the chamber gets back to the fan...  That will be negative pressure and would be a good place for a hole to suck in fresh air.... After that is done, check the unit in operation and see if air/smoke escapes somewhere...   If not, an exhaust hole will need to be made to achieve an air exchange in the unit... Maybe in the bottom of the chamber and use that as a drain hole also...   2 birds, one stone...  All that being done, the AMNPS should burn and moisture should escape and it's time to smoke stuff....  Operating the unit with the fan running you will get uniform smoke and heat.... should be a great operation....  



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Dave (and others),


Once again, I am so thankful that this forum has guys like you (and others)...


My mind is not made up though (not about your ideas on building, but on whether it's worth taking a high-end SS cooking/holding cabinet and coverting it?) I found a local restaurant supply store that resells used equipment, if they'll give me a good price, I might consider selling and buying a different unit?


I'll know more this morning when I call the manufacturer and inquire about hooking 208v to my 220v system (actually it runs higher 246v, I checked at the dryer)? The literature/build sheets say 240v is a possibility and the plug is a NEMA 6-30P, which is for the 220v...I just want to clarify? According to the internet most appliances can handle the higher voltage w/o too much issue, but I want to be sure....I can always buy a buck booster, but now we're talking an investment and more complicated electrical work? Nothing I can't handle, but in the end is it all worth the hassle/expense?


I'll update this in a few hours!


Thanks for all in input and interest...



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 (actually it runs higher 246v, 


Brett, unless the leg you are checking the voltage is on, is under load, the reading can be higher....   also your meter may not be calibrated properly....    220V is really 240.... just a misnomer...   110V is really 118-120V....   I don't know why the labels are weird...  I think you have a unit that will run fine on house hold 220-240.....  208V is a commercial (usually) voltage...  you won't have a problem....   and most stuff will run on 208 and 240 without a change...    Dave

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Dave, got it hooked up and it's been running for about 45 minutes. Temps seem to be holding and the fans circulate the air very well!


I've got the local commercial appliance place interested at $1,000.00 my inner business voice says make the $940 profit and buy another unit? We'll see?! If they take it, then I'll just buy another cheaper unit and as they say...


"Take the money and run!"



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Thats a gorgeous unit, its going to make a great smoker!


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Nice find! Unreal they were getting rid of it. Probably replaced it with 2 new cabinets. Money is no object you know.

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Unbelievable find....you are one lucky dude...GREAT SCORE !

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Thanks Roller, Somewhere in here is the link for govliquidation.com, there should be other great deals for fellow SMF peeps?


I'm about 1/2 way thru scraping all the old protective plastic off...man, what they use to put this stuff on, super glue...holy heck it's tough! I'll of course post pics when it's looking pretty!


Thanks to whom posted the discount for the AMNPS...it's ordered along with extra pellets and the torch...as soon as it arrives, I'll be smoking some BBR and Briskets...


Thanks for following me along this path I'm on...so far wife hasn't mentioned divorce, but she does think I'm crazy?!



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Spoke with Todd at Amazen Products. What a really nice guy! He told me the 5"x8" pellet smoker wouldn't work too well above an elevation of 5,000'...he suggested the tube smoker! So he's gonna swap them out and credit the difference!


As a side note, Todd also buys the SS warming cabinets and coverts them for smoker use. He says he's never seen one go above the 250 degs. He said they're a great for conversion!


I also (after 6 hours) got all the factory plastic scraped off (minor little scratches in a few places from the razor blade, but hey it looks a bazillion times better!)





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No bites on the commercial appliance resell place...not surprised, I made  trip over there this past Friday and the amount of used appliances they have in stock could populate at least 3 restaurants!


I need to make a longer pig-tail for the smoker (to get out side), or run some outside conduit with 10awg to my lower patio? Cost would be roughly the same, more work for conduit/wire, but it would allow me to smoke in the back-yard as opposed to in front of my garage ala. white trash style (I live in a nice neighborhood, while there's no HOA to govern my actions, I do like most of my neighbors...bribery with smoked goods always goes well?).


Thanks for reading!


Keep on Smokin'




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Brett, morning.....  I have made extension cords for my welders so I could move them outside....   If it's not too far, a cord would work instead of hard wired.....  

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'Morning Dave!


my issue is the extension cord to put it on my back patio would have to be well over 50'...I'd need 3 welding cables (unless they make such a thing?)

that and the fittings are pricey too?


not sure, might just run out front?

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I meant a regular extension cord like 8-3.... with 30 amp ends...  Dave

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That make more sense?! I was thinking of adding a longer pigtail (20') and just run it out front? Or keep current pigtail and if I choose to smoke out back, then run the exterior conduit and 10awg ($.54/ft x3) vs. 10/3 pigtail ($2.51/ft). 

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Black, thought about all options and while i agree an extension cord would be easiest, it's also costly! 55' @$2.51/foot =$138.05, Hubbell male NEMA plug, $87.50 and female plug $90.00...pricey! Wire and conduit, less that $100. Wall mount plug (Chinese made) $8.99, 

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I made a cord for my 220V mig welder a while ago. A 25 foot cord cost me over a hundred dollars to build myself. I went up in to the attic and saw what gauge wire the electric outlet for the stove was made with and bought the same size in a flexible cord with pugs rated at 250V-30A.

PS I like the new format and easier to use spell checker. icon14.gif
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Got my 18" AMNTS today...this weekend ill finish up my mods and let the trials with smoke/heat balance begin, thinking (2) 1" openings at the bottom and a 1 1/2" stack running about 1' up. I'm using cast iron 90* ells and iron sch. 40 pipe.


ill post pics,


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