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I have the ABS Pitt-Boss, but the two units are similar in design. As for water in the smoke box, I have done it both ways and I did not see any difference.

This is some of the information I got from Jeff Wilkinson:

With the front door open, the damper open full and the stack open to approx. 1” start your fire.

Start with a couple handfuls of lump coal or briquettes in the middle of the fire box.  Fill a chimney with the same and start your fire let the chimney go until it is 2/3 white hot.  Dump the coals, and cover with a couple more handfuls of unlit fuel. 

 Once the charcoal has all started to turn white, about 10 min. close the fire box lid; leave the front door open for a couple more minutes. Close the front door and let the temperature regulate at 225-250.  Adjust the damper and firebox slides to get this done.

 Add a couple handfuls of charcoal every 1 – 1 ½ hours as needed to maintain temp.  Make sure to clean out the ash after each cook, the bottom of the firebox needs to be clear so air can circulate around the fire. 


This is a good place to start. I have now made an expanded metal fire basket and I fill it with Royal Oak and several hickory chunks.


I will be happy to discuss more ideas.



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I used to be able to go 7 hours on 20lbs of charcoal and wood on my Pit Boss. Lots of room but too big for me. Especially when cooking every weekend, coal costs go up.

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Thanks for the start up info.  Ill try it next time. Do you spread you charcoal out evenly in the firebox or leave it in the middle?  If you spread it out sounds like it would just be enough to cover the  bottom of the fire box. Once you got the smoker going do you adjust the smoke stack damper or do you leave it open an inch?  Do you use a digital probe to monitor the smoke box temp. I tested my digital probes and the abs probe in boiling water and they were all spot on.  However when I place my digital probes in the smoke box near the ABS probe in the door there is a 50 to 75 degree difference with the digital probes always higher.  I was surprised with the large difference. Mark told me to just add  the difference to what ever the ABS probe says. Thanks mike

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I use a charcoal basket that I made. But without using the basket I would try to shape it like a pyramid. Then put a small amount of lit coals on the top. Let it burn down.


Leave the smoke damper open at least an inch. If you close it up to much you will trap in the smoke and you will get a nasty buildup of creosote on the meat and the smoker. Adjust the dampers on the firebox.


I use a digital probe and go by whatever it says.

I am sure that there are many others that know a lot more than I do.

I hope this will help. The best thing you can do is use it and learn as you go.

I will try to help any way I can. Rickey

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Thanks Ricky.   I will give it another test run this weekend.  When you get a chance posting  a picture of your basket in and out of your smoker along with the measurements would interesting to see.  I appreciate you help.  mike

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Here is the link to the one I found here. It is very easy to make.

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Ricky great web site.  What is the dimension on your basket and how did you determine the size compared to the fire box.  Based on what you said about the amount of fuel you use I assume the basket you made is much smaller than the length of your fire box. Your comments have really been helpful.

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The fire box is 27"w x 15"d x 10"h

The Coal basket is 12"w x 12"d x 6"h


I mix coal and wood through out the basket. Then dump some hot coals on top.

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Rickey    I made my basket this weekend and fired up the smoker the way you recommended .  Everything works great.  I love the basket.  Mine is 12X8X6inches deep.  fits perfect and makes it much easier to control heat source.  Do you use the damper between the firebox and smoker much.  I generally opened my to the setting where the handle on the side was horizontal with the ground.  Once the fire was going I was able to maintain temp pretty good by closing one vent on the side of the firebox completely and leave the second vent on the other side open about a half inch.  Thanks for all the helpful info.  mike

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Mike.  I am glad you like it. I used mine this weekend. Did a practice smoke for a contest I am in May 17. Took 13 hours to smoke 5 Boston butts. Each about 8 to 9 pounds. I used around 30lbs od royal oak with 6 nice hickory sticks about 1 ft long and maybe wrist size. Might have used less if I would have not been cooking ribs at the same time. And the wind was bad all day.


I usually have the damper between the firebox and smoker about full to one notch back. I also use a BBQ GURU.



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Good luck in your competition.  When I first bought my ABS All Star I made a post under the wood smoker forum entitled, " Finally made a decision on a backyard smoker"  ABS All Star, with some pictures.   Now that I'm ready I will do a smoke and post pics with results.  I will also post about basket and how to get stared heating smoker up.  This forum seems to have an over abundance of Lang smokers  on it so I want to give it some variety on other smokers like the ABS.  Don't get me wrong I like Lang smokers and almost bought the patio 36,  just want more info on other good smokers.  Thanks again.   mike

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Originally Posted by PGSmoker64 View Post

Hi Stabone!  Never heard of an ABS but it looks nice.

Would you mind updating your profile to include your location?  Might help us when responding to some of your questions in the future.


cool.. Looks good. Grill up some pirate steak sandwiches
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Woodboy, you have been mis-informed about the Good-One Product line moving to China, please let me know who you heard that from so we can straighten it out. 


I,m  Currently setting in Galatin, Mo. home of the Good-One Smoker. Landmark Manufacturing purchased the Good-One Brand last April from Ace of Hearts.


Ace of Hearts had to sell the brand due to issues with their manufactures in Kansas inability to provide timely product and not willing to fix on-going issues. 


Landmark is a large Manufacturing company in north Missouri that is a supplier for Kobota,John Deere,Molean,Ford and Many others. 


Since the take over Landmark has brought out the New Generation 3 Patio Jrs, Open Ranges and just released Marshall.   We strive to innovate by continually  cleaning up know issues and adding features that make the smokers more efficient and easier to use for our customers. 


In the last month we have been awarded (2) Major awards on the new Generation 3 Smokers by BBQ Websites  "Amazing" Top 10 Smoker/Grill in 2014   "Out of 300 World Wide"  and the other  is  5 stars out of 5.


 I have included the website for your review.


Chris Marks 

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