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Here is the burnoff.
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Another view. Thermometer was way up at top when read 600*.
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Joe, I think you are correct on that assumption.....    Oil the inside well with veggie oil and pre bake the inside at about 350-400 to get a sealing coat on it and give her a go....   Smoke something that is fatty and let it drip onto a heat shield so it will smoke and add more coating to the inside.....     



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I need to smoke 150# of pork for my church. We're having a festival Saturday the 10th. Yes, this coming Saturday! I've got the smoker test running using some vine maple scraps I have around. Very dry. Keeps catching on fire. I plan on using alder. I've got 3 cords cut. If its really dry will I need to soak it in water? I can't keep the vine maple from flaming up.
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I'm making pulled pork out of boneless chops. It was on sale at Safeway for $1.49. Cheapest protein I could fine. My plan is to smoke with alder and then cook down in water until it falls apart. Then drain and mix in homemade BBQ sauce. Serve over hamburger buns. If anyone has a better plan, let me know! I'm kinda stressed about this. I want to have done by Friday and then reheat on Saturday. I figure I can cook 50# in a turkey fryer. Using the strainer basket and a piece of wood in the bottom to keep the meat product from direct contact with the bottom of the kettle. Cook on a propane turkey cooker.
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Joe, evening.....    will your smoker hold 150 #'s of boneless chops ??  Are they cut about 1/2 - 3/4" thick ??   If so, I would suggest getting the smoker up to 200-225 deg.... Use an accurate, calibrated electronic remote thermometer....  Salt, pepper etc all the chops.....go easy on the salt....  If you can weigh the chops, or know their weight, I suggest 1 - 1 1/4 % salt on them...   150#'s of chops at 1% salt is 1 1/2#'s of salt evenly spread over them....  Pepper etc. to taste.... maybe some garlic and onion powder....  or Montreal Pork Seasoning......     

For the wood and smoke......  too much smoke is bad.... most folks like a light smoke.....   so what I am suggesting is for a light smoke....    

The pan you have in the smoker looks like it is cast iron....   What is the heat source ??  Electric, propane ???     

Cut the alder into 2" thick chunks.....  If you have 4" round branches or something close, cut them into 2" thick cookies....   Place 1 (ONE) at a time in the pan....  when the smoke quits, clean the ash from the pan and put in 1 (ONE ) more.....   One piece of wood will not catch fire.....   It takes 2 pieces of wood to make a fire....   If need be, raise the pan higher above the heat source to cool it off for better smoke.... Keep the smoker at 200-225.... rotate the meat or racks for even cooking....    I would think, cooking the meat, like I suggested, should take no longer than 4-5 hours....  take temp of the meat... when it gets to 200 deg, pull it off and seal in a container and store in an ice chest covered with towels to keep warm....  it will stay warm for hours....  pull the meat into fine pieces like pulled pork and add any sauce you like or let the guests add sauce.....  Do not boil the meat.... it will be moist and tender cooking it as described.....


If any members can correct any errors I made above, please do so.......    Dave

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Heat source is a propane turkey cooker.  Sounds like good advice.  Not sure I can get all the pork in one load.  Might take two.  Yeah, its 1/2-3/4" boneless pieces.

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I still need to add racks. I have material for 2 at the moment. Where would you locate them to start? Lower, mid or high? I'm thinking about a foot apart and starting a foot below the top. So on and two foot from top on the 5' tall smoker.
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I'd try for racks 6-8" apart and make them slide in and out...  Make them all the same size so they could be rotated with the meat on them....  That will make life easy.... 

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Well problems.

I can only get 180* at full open on my camp chef 60,000 btu burner. Can I make a quick metal pipe burner to subsidize the heat in the smoker. Been told I need 225* for cooking my pork.
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Regulator is 10psi. Can I go with a larger psi regulator?
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Based on where I'm at, I think I need to be at 100,000 BTU's and I'm at 65,000.
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Update on initial run.

Most I got for temp is 180*. Went for 4 hours and meat temp was 135*. Nothing to do but finish it off on my Traeger. Running it at 250* now. Shouldn't take too long to get it up to temp. Hope to be able to add additional heat source tomorrow and cook 50#.
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