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Very nice Mike

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Those look great...

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They came out real nice. Is there a recipe somewhere or did you just wing it?

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Looking good, my draw back making dogs is not enough fat content.

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I want one.....................drool.gif

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here is what I did



The wiener is a cured, smoked and cooked sausage. It is a ready to eat sausage or it may be boiled, fried or grilled for serving. The wiener originated about 300 years ago in Vienna, Austria and German immigrants brought this technology to the USA. The terms frankfurter, wiener or hot dog are practically interchangeable today.





lean beef

400 g

0.88 lb.         I used 4lb. 80/20 g.b.


300 g

0.66 lb.         and 2lb. boneless

back fat, pork jowl or fat pork trimmings

300 g

0.66 lb.         pork ribs

Ingredients per 1000g (1 kg) of meat



18 g

3 tsp.

Cure #1

2.5 g

½ tsp.

white pepper

2.0 g

1 tsp.


2.0 g

1 tsp.


2.0 g

1 tsp.           didnt have this


0.5 g

⅓ tsp.

onion powder

1.0 g

½ tsp.          used garlic powder

cold water

150 ml

⅝ cup


  1. Grind meats 3/16” plate (5 mm). Keep lean meats separately from fat trimmings. Refreeze and grind again. Refreeze again and grind through 1/8” (3 mm) plate.
  2. Mix lean beef with all ingredients adding ⅓ (50 ml) of cold water. Add lean pork and 50 ml of cold water and mix well. Add fat trimmings and the last part (50 ml) of water and mix everything well together.
  3. Stuff firmly into 24-26 mm sheep casings. Form 4-5” (10-12 cm) long links.
  4. Hang on smokesticks for 30 minutes.
  5. When sausages feel dry apply hot smoke 60-70º C (140-158º F) for about 60 minutes until a brown color develops.
  6. Cook in hot water, at 75º C (167º F) until internal meat temperature reaches 154-158º F(68-70º C). This should take about 15 minutes.
  7. Shower with cold water for 5 minutes. Keep in a refrigerator.
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I was skeptical about those casings but you sure did a nice job.sausage.gif

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I always buying my casings for my local butcher shop. they always give me a great deal $15.00 for 5# at least that was the price last time....

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Very cool!
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Originally Posted by 1beezer View Post

Guess I'm pretty dumb but how does the meat stay together Jeremy?

It's inside the casing ...

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Originally Posted by Mike Johnson View Post

Here is the link. 225ft for 9.99 free shipping

Nice job on the product but those casings are 22.5mm and much too small for a hot dog unless you want a lot of bun.


A standard almost invisible dog is 25mm.

A real good and nice size dog is 29mm and those casing are hard to find.


Cellulose casings are the industry std. for dogs and they peal right off after they are cooked. 

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I did the same thing last weekend but was in a hurry so no pics.  The EZ peal casings work great.  I used sausage maker seasoning and smoked for about 3 hours at 180.  turned out great and I don't really care for hot dogs.  We made enough to feed us on spring break in two weeks.

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Awesome dogs Mike.  I'd like to know your recipe for the spices if you'll give it up!  PM or post.  

Much obliged 


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WOW amazing dawgs hit the link and all sold out
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Have you thought about using sheep casings?  I am very interested in trying to make some Hot Dogs but i want the good snap to it.  Your Hot Dogs look awesome.  Are they on the softer side?  I feel without the casings you can't get that awesome "POP".  Am i wrong?

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Wow very nice
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Very nice on the dogs!!! Reinhard

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