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Originally Posted by farmnbum View Post

I have several pieces of cast iron that need re-seasoned because I didn't do it properly the first time. I put too much oil in thinking it would speed the process up, Only created a thick layer that didn't adhere well and came off in places. Started cleaning it off by hand, slow, tiresome process. I think I'll try the 600* method, pick up some flax oil and try again. I love cooking on good cast iron and the food seams to taste better also.

I just worry about warping anything. I looked over everything good and mine stuff came out with no warping. I had the covers laying flat on the grill and the DOs leaning up on them. This time i have the covers on top just sitting off to the side. The covers that the oil burned off were really dry like when you self clean your oven. You could feel them taking in the oil.

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Your DO looks great!  It's on my list as well.

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Sounds like I need to make a trip to the health food store.  I used regular veggie oil when I seasoned my Lodge I bought last year.  It works and is non-stick, but like Todd (Woodcutter) said, it's a little sticky when done that way.


Somewhere in my parents basement is my great-grandmother's dutch oven.  I really need to find that (but I've been unsuccessful in my hunt so far).  Both my parents passed sometime back so I can't ask where they put it either.  I've got her wooden bread kneeding bowl/tray though.

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Originally Posted by Smokeamotive View Post

So how doe's one "strip" a DO or frying pan that has been cured with vegetable oil to recure with flax oil?

A self cleaning oven will strip it....  or a 700 degree gas grill..... turns it to carbon....  If self cleaning oven is used, I have heard it helps to preheat the oven to max with the DO in it.... then go through the clean cycle....  If you don't, the DO will not get up to temp.... too much thermal mass....    (So I have heard)



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Originally Posted by SmokinHusker View Post

I too learned the cast iron seasoning with Flax Oil on here and have done all my cast iron as well as some for a friend. I put it on my gas grill and they turn out great. Even had a grilled ham and cheese "fly" off the griddle when I was flipping it, that's how slick the griddle is!!!!

I seared Canadian bacon several times and it did not stick and the pan rinsed clean. Roller posted skillet corn bread a while back which I tried and couldn't get out of the pan. I'm confident the next try will work better!

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I saw that MACA was getting out of the Dutch oven business.  I've wanted one of those HUGE Dutch ovens for quite a while, so I bought one over the Summer.


It didn't come pre-seasoned and looked like this.


This is too big to season in the oven, so I found a thread on how to season a big dutch oven outside.  I put together the system and seasoned it.  Looks great now.


I can give some details if anyone's interested.  But you basically make a charcoal fired oven out of sheet metal, bricks and insulation.  Cover it with your oil of choice and let it cook at high heat.  Repeat a couple of times.

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