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Finished UDS (with pictures)

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Well guys finally finished my first UDS. Me and my buddy worked on it a couple of weekends. It only took that long because every weekend he said he would be at my house early and he would show up at like 5pm  after sleeping all day cuz he stayed out all night. Guess he just hasnt found his man strength yet. But anyways we used three brass 3/4" nipples for air vents capped two of them and put a ball valve on the other. The top rack is 5 1/2" from the top of the drum. The charcoal basket dimensions are 9"tall by 18" around. Can put a whole 16lb bag of charcoal in it. The nipples are 2 1/2"" from the bottom and the basket is 4" from the bottom so a good amount of airflow can get in. I got the expanded metal from work and just cut it and bent it there in the metal bender and welded it real quick. Good thing we had that bender because that is some heavy duty expanded metal. A lot of the hardware came from work so it was all in all a pretty cheap job. All we bought was a 22.5" grate, 4 cans of spray paint, a temp gauge the nipples and caps and jb weld. So about 80$ spent on materials and found a lid in the jungle. Its pretty bad im a plumber and couldnt find 3/4" caps and nipples at work lol didnt have anything. Did our first rack of ribs last weekend and man were those AMAZING. Used the 3-2-1 method and the ribs were falling off the bone and full of flavor. But lets see if i can get these pics on here.




After it was sanded




Before it was sanded down



Buddy painting the lid



Top view of charcoal basket


Side view of basket


Drilling the holes for the vents and some bananas lol Gotta love Guam


First attempt at smoking


Just fall of the bone juicy ribs




Finished UDS


Nipple for airvent


Ball valve




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The smoker looks great!, the ribs look awesome!!, but.... I'm still thinking the bananas are the best!!!! haha  I have a friend who lives in Guam. Air Force

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nice looking UDS i see many years of great Q coming from it. ribs also look great.

happy smoken.


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i was on Guam in the Navy...beautiful place to live...typhoons kinda sucked while i was there..but the biggest thing was the 8.2 earthquake in 1993

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UDS looks great icon14.gif
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That looks awesome. Those ribs looked real tasty!

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