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Kirby Meat Mixer

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I have seen several posting on here about the Kirby Meat Mixer, I have done several searches but can't find any info on where to purchase the parts I can't make myself, the paddle.


does anyone have a way of ordering this?




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Hey Bob - get hold of Nepas. He knows Kirby & can let you know what's up  thumb1.gif

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Originally Posted by Smoking B View Post

Hey Bob - get hold of Nepas. He knows Kirby & can let you know what's up  thumb1.gif



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Old thread I know but was wondering if anyone has used this meat mixer I would love to have one but I really want to know how hey work before I try to buy one or make one.
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I ended up going with a 20# LEM meat mixer.
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I thought about that but 5 or 10lb is all I do at one time
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I don't usually do 20#'s. Normally 10#'s or so. Mixer seems to work great at 10#
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I bought one from Kirby last November. It works great! I got his "Medium" which is maked out of a 5 gallon bucket and will mix up to 36 lbs.

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Ok thanks how do I get in touch with him
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I just sent you a PM with his email address.

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Looking for a good meat mixer that can handle at LEAST a 20# batch at a time.

36# would be even better.   I'd like to know more about that 'Kirby' mixer!  

Any help is appreciated! 

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I got my 5 gal size about a year ago. It works great for 20 to 40 lb batches. Two to three min mixing and it is ready to go to the stuffer.

FYI........use a 3/4" drill or larger with lots of torque. My 1/2" would heat up.

I can also recommend his water stuffer.



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So, what's the best way to begin the process of acquiring one of those?

5-gal sounds about right to me!



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Im wanting to get one of the kirby mixers. Anyone have info?
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He's on the following forum a lot:



Or if you want, send me a private message with your email address, and I'll send it to him and he can contact you.

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I did get a 7-gal mixer setup from Kirby!

Looks real good!  I will be using it for the first time tomorrow.

Not making MUCH sausage, only 40# (25# summer, 15# polish),

so won't be working it out too heavily, but I'm expecting good things!

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