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Originally Posted by smker View Post

at times i do the same and mix what i have on hand,  im not shy at all when it comes to mixing BBQ sauce or other spices,  only bad thing is if you get a really good mix,  you cant make it again onless you kept really good notes on whats been used

I do that as well.  I came across a good mix and it was real easy to remember.  Used it when we had a bbq at work.  It was a pretty big hit and almost 3 years later I still have people ask me to bring it to potlucks at work even if they are not for bbq.


Had a lot of people ask me for the recipe as well but...

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I really like The Slabs

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Cattleman's Classic

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Head Country
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Blues Hog Original for ribs is my new fav. Always trying new ones
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For store bought Sweet Baby Rays.

But I will say that Sauce making and experimenting and coming up with my own is on my bucket list.

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Originally Posted by johnstephen1 View Post

Cattleman's Classic


YEAH.......  yeahthat.gif ......


But I do have to add..... I found a bottle of Lee & Perrins steak sauce at the store today....   I bought it....   WOW, it is very interesting...  I may be using it for a BBQ type sauce soon.....  very well balanced flavor profile... accent on heat and tang....    If it ain't new, it's new to me.... 

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Mine of course, but if feeling adventurous, I will deviate from Texas BBQ and use some sauce from a BBQ joint in Reidsville, NC called Short Sugars. They must do it right cause they been making BBQ longer than I've been on this rock. Their sauce is the best, wish I could figure it out. It rates right up there with Chef JJ's.

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Originally Posted by BBQ Grub Rub View Post

I have to say, I like mine better than any sauce I've ever tried. I have a Miami sauce & spice across the street from my business. They said my sauce is better than anything they sell. It hits with a little vinegar, then the sweet comes in followed by some heat. Ok I'm going out back & cooking something, it's your fault for bringing up sauce. LOL.

Have you ever tried Everglade Rub. I saw some at Publix the other day. I like Stubb's Pork Rub with a touch of turbinado sugar

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SueBee Original Honey BBQ.  Before that, Open Pit mixed with honey.

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No 5 Sauce. (Steve Petrone's recipe)


1 cup ketchup
1/2 cup cider vinegar
1/3 cup brown sugar
1 tablespoon worchestershire sauce
1 tablespoon rub

Opional but v. good: 1/4 cup meat drippings
(whats left in the foil after the rest)

Simmer to marry the flavors and thicken as desired.


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I like my home made. But my favorite commercial sauce used to be sweet baby rays ,Now have a new favorite . Garland Jacks Secret six. Try it ,you'll like it.

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I want to try to make my own, but my family likes Show-Me. It's made right here in Columbia, MO.
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Wow I don't think I have a favorite! At the moment it is Blues Hog Smokey, a little sweet but it comes with a wang. I really like it. We also use, Sweet Baby Rays KC Master Piece, Webers new sauce. But never no Kraft.


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I like Maul's but my favorite is Gates. I usually only use it on my fries though.  I love bbq sauce and trying different ones.  If you are in KC there is a place in South KC on Holmes Rd called Snead's.  I always buy a few jars of Snead's Spicy when I make it back home.  It has no sweet at all and is thick.  My mouth is watering as I am talking about it.  It is not sold in stores only at the restaurant.

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We have two or three recipes we prefer. One is a tomato based sauce and the other to which there are several variants is a whiskey based sauce.

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Originally Posted by billmc40 View Post

...But never no Kraft.

Interesting you say that. I think I read some where there was a blind taste test of national store bought brands and Bullseye (made by Kraft) had an overwhelming win. LOL
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I lost touch with a friend named Dave who catered BBQ on Cape Cod ! He had a home made sauce called Grinnin ' Dog !!

It was soooo good !

Made with Cranberry !! dont know how He did it but it was perfect blend of sweet and spice !!

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