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Great job!

When I get back on track I will have to borrow some of your designs......
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Looking for a 250 propane tank almost ready to use the one I heat the house with

the wife, dogs and cats can use more blankets this winter

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Good looking tank, you will get the doors back in shape, I'll bet everyone who has built smokers has experienced this before. Just take your time and don't over do it.


Keep us posted



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With it sitting as it is try heating the center line of the door, it'll help relax the metal.

This monster is Looking great!

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Leaving the doors as they are (on the tank body) start heating the door's centerline (horizontally) this will help the metal to relax.

Heat it, let it cool (don't put any water on it, or it may pull too much) then check the fit.

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That looks awesome. Great job, and nice fab work. You have any plans for the trailer & build? I'd like to copy it.

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Really nice build!

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Thank you for all the positive comments, this thing continues to get all sorts of comments anytime I take it out anywhere.
Feels great when I can tell people that I built it myself, you can just see the shock and awe when they hear it.
Sorry I haven't replied sooner to other questions but I will answer all here.
Cost not counting the 250-300 hours of labor involved as I did most of the build myself, approx $1000 (+/-$100)
Plans - no I don't have any in fact the only reason I use plans is for an ideal reference point I can't ever stick to any plans as I'm always thinking of better ways to make something.
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Here's a few pics of the 8 Turkeys I did for Thanksgiving.

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If anyone wants to check out my current build of a twin insulated cabinet smoker (aka Stumps Clone) feel free to cruise on over and check out the pics, and add some comments/feedback
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Beautiful smoker.  You'll be really glad your fire box is that big when you're smoking in freezing temperatures.

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The cold in our area doesn't typically get very low at all.
We might see the twenties for a day each year
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Now that I have judged in several competitions this year, I definitely have a better idea of what judges are looking for. I'm so ready to get into a competition or 2, I have a new outlook on this year's events.
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Well I've judged 5 events now and received my certified bbq judge apron, thought I'd share a pic of the occasion.

Left to right there's me, my wonderful wife and then my brother. We decided to get into the judging as a group, helps with different perspectives.
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