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Originally Posted by jmud View Post

Will leave 4 corners entact so i can weld hinges on it first.  Learned that here.  What ya'all think?
Read over Ribwizzards thread on installing door flanges and you can reference the progress in my build thread to see it's not always best to weld the hinges on first. I misjudged the location of the hinges in the begining, which caused me double work after installing the flanges because I didnt plan the proper gap.
Now if you get 10 replies you will probably get at least 3 different methods that all work but only you know what tools you have available and what your skill level is.
Here's the link to both threads for you to read over, neither one is too long to date.


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Made progress yesterday. Got the tank notched and fire box built. Was a little shaky at first welding, had to re-teach myself lol. Did all the cutting with a 7 1/4 inch circular saw metal cutting blade and my rigid worm drive saw. Have to say I was scepticle at first, but it was like cutting thru butter!
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very nice to be able to follow this build....... just got my tank delivered today......a 132 gallon beauty.....really great!110.gif

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IMG_0472[1].JPG 3,298k .JPG file


Sorry computer has been a giant pain to me.  Taking forever to load photos.  Here is my 12 pack engineering and rigging.  Floor jack on the firebox and a come along attached to a big step ladder and the front of the smoker.  Slid trailer under smoker, leveled everything up, and away we went

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I am really hating technology right now.  Taking forever to load photos, driving me nuts.  Hopefully i can add more pictures later.  Anyway, got the door installed today with flanges on, mounted rf plate, and got the chimney on.  Shes a comin along!

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all mounted and on trailer


did a quick small fire to get the awful propane out and keep that smell out of my cloths lol


Here go the reverse flow plate welded on along with exhaust pipe


build at end of day yesterday.  door flanges on along with hinges borrowed from material at a farm my dad works for to make gates



Got anxious so i did up some ribs on the propane grill with my secret rub recipe

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For top of exhaust I'm not sure weather to make a plate like cap or build a little "house" over it.  What have you guys done or what would work worse or best?  Got stainless cooking grate coming fom a friend of mine, stoked about that.  What ya all think?

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Looks good....  Nice build.....  Dave

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Originally Posted by DaveOmak View Post

Looks good....  Nice build.....  Dave
Thanks to you dave
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looks great! how are you going to finish the outside?

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Yeah I'm happy so far. Plan on a pressure treated deck on trailer. High temp paint black and maybe grey to break it up two tone. I have an afterthought of a 12" shelf in front of door and wrapping around the front of the cooker. A simple box made out of 2 by 6 treated will hold the charcoal and wood towards the front of the trailer. Question about high temp paint; fizz can or quart cans with a brush? Which is better?
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And I've also looked around and seen a few ideas, but dunno what to do. How should I season this thing when it's done?
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Jmud, here's a pic of what mine looks like w/dual stacks. 

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here she is all welded up. Sorry been really busy couldnt get to the computer. More pics to follow in a few
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The second shelf i put in was actually a 5 section shelf unit the hospital was throwing out that i work at. Its stainless steel. Imagine 3 carpenters dumpster diving and the foreman walking by lol

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so glad i put this second shelf in before paint
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Whi wants Q view??
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16 butts 100 pounds of oulled pork for a grad party

half hog, 108 lbs and 3 butts for a community pig roast

A brined turkey i did, just because lol
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I know many doubted me here and there, but if yiu put your mind to anything u can do anything. A big thank you to dave that helped me dial in design and such. Without him this would of been a flop. Next one this winter is a 250 gallon round oil drum reverse flow with insulated fire box, dual propane burner for water, oil, ect, and a stainless steel prep table. Giddy up!
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Great job on the smoker. I love the mix of metal and wood!!! 


The food looks great as well.

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