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Looking to buy a smoker!

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I am new to smoking, my wife and I built a new out door area at our home in Surf City, NC.  I love to get out there early in the morning and cook a great meal for my family.  I have a small smoker now but am looking to get something larger.  Prefer it have a seperate fire box and be on a stand.  I could however use a trailer one if the price was wright.  I have seen some with fire box and internal gas burner for grilling now that would be great.  If anyone knows of a good place in easter NC to get such a grill used please message me.

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Not sure I can be of  much help.  I started with a Chargriller Pro.     It wasn't what I wanted so I built  what I had put to paper.    I posted my build on the site.   Not sure if its what your looking for, but I'm betting it would look good in you out door area.    


Here is the link to my smoker:



Edit:   There's a member here that goes by




He builds custom  smokers.   He also has a Facebook page by the same name.  He is located in Salisbury.    His smokers are way better then any store bought smoker.

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Last summer for my daughter's 1st birthday, I built a cinder block smoker for a whole hog roast.  It worked out great.  I built it with a firebox on one end which i use as a small grill every now and then.  It is at my M-I-L place, it is not my primary one, too big for small things.  But it worked great.  There are several examples of how to do it on the site.  It was fun and great when it worked!  I am looking at an upgrade to my chargrill.  I am looking at the Brinkmann Trailmaster, or the Oklahoma Joes Longhorn Smoker.  I know you posted this a while ago, so maybe you already got something.  Good Luck

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