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Very nice Pops. Thanks for the pics. Noticed your butcher block. I have the same one. I was wondering if the top was warped on yours. Mine was.
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Yes, it was warped; I contacted the company and they replaced it, no charge, and I kept the original and made a cutting board out of it!



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Just a note: in the family picture is Nissreen, who married my son earlier in the year, now a wonderful family member!  She is fantastic!

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Really good looking Spares, I can hang in my Vetr. Chamber , Should look for some hooks . Super . . .:super: smart.


Have fun and . . .

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Hey Pop's........great looking ribs......and congrat's to the new family member.

A butcher buddy of mine told me a little secret about his ribs. He always hangs his because of space in his smoker and he does about 15 racks each day. He told me that he leaves the membrane on the ribs and hooks them at least two ribs in. The membrane will keep the ribs on the hook. Seems to work very well.



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