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I don't mind at all. I buy my ribs from a local butcher shop. I have tried Sam's and a few local supermarkets but don't really care for there ribs.
1. Coat the ribs very lightly with olive oil or mustard.
2. Add some homemade rub.(I just like to sprinkle the rub on and not rub it in or pat it)
3. Wrap in clear plastic wrap and put in fridge overnight.
4. I like to keep the temp at about 225. My smoker can hold that temp really good.
5. I love to use a mixture of oak and hickory. I just play around with it.
6. I will smoke the ribs for about 2 1/2 hours maybe spritzing them with some apple juice every hour.
7. Wrap in foil and spritz with apple juice and back on the smoker for about an hour.
8. Unwrap the ribs and put back on smoker for about 45 or so until they have firmed back up.
9. Last 10 min or so squirt on homemade bbq sauce and then remove and let them sit about 15 min or so before cutting them up. I know there a lot of different ways but this seams to work for me really well.



Thanks for sharing !   And yes, there are a lot of different ways, which is why I (and I presume others) appreciate it when people share their methods.  It sometimes sparks new ideas or different approaches to take.


Your ribs look great and I bet they were delicious   :)