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I just opened up my second thermometer I was sent from warranty that doesn't work again.I paid $55 for it new 6 months ago and have used it maybe 6 times and sent it back the first time becasue the on/off switch broke. I had to spend another $8.00 to ship it back and when I went to use the new one I was sent to replace the broken one, they do not communicate with each other. I tried everything....resetting it, new batteries, turning it on and off, taking the batteries out. I'm going to call tomorrow and ask for a refund becasue I am sick and tired of not having a thermometer that's NOT reliable. Does anyone make anything reliable?? I do not care about the cost I just want it to work.head-wall.gif

I bought my ET-733 recently from Todd Johnson, have used it three times, and so far it's exactly what I was looking for. Had a minor problem with initial setup but since then it's worked like a dream. I can walk throughout my house and still monitor both the BBQ and Food temps. The alarm lets me know when the ambient temp is higher or lower than my temp limits. With the AMNPS smoking is now truly set-it-and-forget-it--almost. Very happy with my purchase and extremely glad to have bought it from Todd.