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BBQ slogans

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Has anyone ever heard any good/funny bbq slogans they would care to share?  Here's a few I've heard.


Pitmasters do it with smoke.

Pitmasters go all night long.

Real men cook with wood.

Gas grills are a pitmasters microwave.


I may put the 2nd one on a t-shirt!  Anyone else got some good ones?

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Have not heard of any, but am going to watch to see the good ones........


I like #2 as well....

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I go Low and Slow til my Meats SMOKIN'!...JJ

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In my short time since joining the smoking family nothing has cracked me up as much as the fatty motto:

"First you roll a fatty, then you smoke a fatty!"

I left off the last step...then you eat the fatty!
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 We call our group "Deja Moo BBQ.....where you find only the Hottest Grill on Grill Action"


You can always tell which guys understand by the smirks.

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