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Sometimes, it's the little things....

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My very first attempt at smoking did not go as planned with my brand spanking new Master Forge charcoal smoker.  My spare ribs cooked in two hours due in part to my lack of experience and knowledge, and in part to a faulty lid temperature gauge.  My rub was WAY too lightly applied and in all the ribs were dry, tough and a bit overly "smokey", due in part I believe to the MF smoker having zero vent on top.  However, I reheated some on the grill last night and applied a little bit of BBQ sauce to them and my 4 year old daughter ate 4 ribs!!  I guess it wasn't a complete disaster after all.

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Good Morning! I am sorry the ribs were not what you expected....but then we can eat our mistakes! biggrin.gif I use the 3-2-1 method.  Love some good ribs!  Here is a link to to pork section.


There is a learning curve with both your smoker...and the recipes that you use for your family's tastes!  I bet this next will do great!

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Gotta agree with's all a learning curve and each smoker is different even. I run the MF gasser and controlling temps has always been an issue. Do another smoke soon...maybe try out some cheaper chicken parts, like quarters, for the experience. Keep notes on what worked and didn't for gets easier and tastier.

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Hey Yank,

Just try-try again! One of the things I love about smoking BBQ.....if you screw something up you can drown it in sauce, force it down, and then give it another go the next weekend! If it turns out great, you can give it another go the next weekend. Where's the downside?! lol

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