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This groups is just what ive been looking for....

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Hello fellow sausage makers.


My name is Mark, and I'm from Oak Creek, WI.  I've been doing sausage for about 15 years.  It started with a family tradition and now has become an obsession.  My family and I get together 2-3 times a year to make sausage.  Each time consists of about 500 lbs of Boston's and anywhere from 2-4 hours to cut and grind.  We make our own "Maciejewski Polish" that came over on the boat, brats(for summer time), Italian and hot Italian.  I on the other hand, have morphed into a lunatic.  I've mixed a couple of Hungarian mixes together and have found one that fits my personality...  Loud and obnoxious.  I also do my own snack sticks, with the occasional venison snack stick.  The only Prue-made mixes we use are for brats and Italian, the hot, we add our own "take" on it.  Other than that, hand mixed hand measured spices.  I have a Weston 11lb stuffer, a 1 1/2 horse stuffer from way back when, a Brinkman 2 door propane smoker, and a simle foodsaver V2244 sealer.  3 beautiful daughters and one amazing wife.  I'll post pics when I get time.  Oh, and thanks for this group, I already found some interesting stuff.  Anyone here from Milwaukee, or near?

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Glad you found the group!

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Welcome to the group! I'm near Wausau a few hours away. You'll have to post some of those sausage Saturday photos.

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I use to hang around with a Joe Maciejewski when we were kids in Massachusettes.

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same last name, no relation that I know. 

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