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Originally Posted by dirtworldmike View Post

I've been having the same issue when I eat anything with garlic or garlic power in it. It's annoying  as hell but I'm getting used to it.

It just depends on the dream doesn't it?      banana_smiley.gifjk.gifwhip.gifBottom.gif

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Yes its true its not the spices its the pork it happens to me everytime i eat pork.I wake up and realize why i had a bad dream is because i ate pork that night never happens with any other fatty or spicy foods plus i baked the pork chops,but it never fails pork is evil.
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I had that heart pounding in the night problem many years ago.


It would wake me at all hours.


When I got older and she started wearing long pajamas?


It all went away. :th_crybaby2:


Good luck and good smoking.

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Are you sufficiently hydrated with water?  Drink plenty of water - W A T E R.  Not beer or soda or anything else, just water.  Lack of it will cause you to dehydrate and make the heart go boom boom boom.

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I had the same problem and cut down on ciniminun however you spell

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Originally Posted by RTBBQ2 View Post

LOL....JJ. Yeah I never did the brownies when I was a kid. But never too old to get started.................laugh1.gif

Never to late to fly like a skeeter! You are talking about "Little Debbie Brownies" ??????

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I had a nightmare one timebut I divorced it !!!!

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Hello, If I eat a salami sandwich in the evening I'll have nightmares. During the day I'm fine. Not sure what's in the salami to make that happen. Must be some chemical making it happen.
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