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Congrats Todd, I have enjoyed my amns since I got it.  I will be needing some more dust and some other things soon.  What other goodies do you have in the planning stage for us?????  Keep up the good work that you do!  Steve

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Congratulations, Todd! You deserve every accolade we can bestow!

A great idea, made affordable, and backed up with excellent customer assistance. 

Sounds like what America used to be, and should strive for again.

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Congratulations Todd! Keeping it simple seems to be the way to go. You deserve it! Stopped into a new BBQ place in Colorado Springs - Colorado BBQ Company and they had the AMNPS sitting in a pellet grill - I was thrilled to see it. They also posted on FB on cold smoking and plugged the AMNPS!!!! 

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I have said it several times in this Forum, but between the information that I gain from this site and the great product and support I have received from Todd, I have become a successful meat curer and smoker. It is hard to decide which is better Todd or his product!! His quality support is excellent and never changes. I really enjoy working with him and have recommendeed his products to many people and with all positive results. I look forward to enjoying this hobby with this support for a long time!!!  mds51

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Way to go Todd. Tomorrow night I will be giving brother the AMNPS package #3 for his birthday. I tell anyone who will listen about your products. Congrats and keep up the good work.

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congrats Todd. in case 10,000 orders does not tell you you have a great product. i will tell you. Todd you have a great product.beercheer.gifhere's to 20,000 this year.


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Just saw my post count and figured I'd post here again since it is also a milestone from Meat Mopper to Smoking Fanatic!

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And Done!.... ;)

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Congrats Todd!  It couldn't happen to a better guy.  It is a SUPER product!  OBTW, I received my AMPS on Monday, Dec. 31 after ordering it the Friday evening Dec. 28th order.  I was part way through smoking a butt when it came, I immediately changed smoke generators and put it to use.  It operated exactly as decribed by you, your website and all the folks who have made comments.  I wish I had ordered it sooner.  Exactly the amount of smoke I like, nto choking waves of it.  I LOVE that it smokes for so long.  I even had the problem of it jumping rows, but took care of it by adding a heat shield.

Good stuff!

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Congrats! The products and service are top notch and hope to see a post for the 100,000th purchase soon.

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Congratulations. Small business America lives.

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I've just placed another order!!
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Glad to be part of the 10,000 that are made in the USA.flag.gif

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Great job Todd

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Just saw this and I think it's wonderful. Great job Todd.

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Originally Posted by TJohnson View Post

Hey All

Tonight, the 10,000th order was made at http://www.amazenproducts.com



Thanks to Everyone who has helped make this ride successful!!!





Got mine for xmas, yah hoo!!! with the most amazen different types of wood pellets, and sawdust. Thank you Amazenproducts.!!

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My AMNPS arrived 1/2/13, proud to be part of the first 10,000.  I don't know why I waited so long to order one.

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That is really GREAT Todd !

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Todd, I did not get to congratulate you yesterday when I saw this but I have to say that this could not happen to a more well deserved person and company. You run your business sort of like I do and I personally feel that the way you do business should be a model to all companies, large and small, on how to succeed in business.


I sincerely appreciate your support in the forum and I wish you at least a million more orders over the coming years!

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Congrats Todd. I love my AMZNPS and I've given your AMZNPS as a gift recently. Simply because I like your product and service.

Keep up the good work and here's to many more orders in 2013! icon14.gif

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