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1st Brisket

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Been smoking a few years now, but never tried a Brisket.  So did my first for Christmas Eve this year and just now got around to post it. Did a lot of reading other post on the site and was a big help to make sure I selected the right cut.  Met Pete the butcher at BJ’s and he helped me select the right one.


I also watch a video on YouTube to better understand the best way to trim it for smoking and I think it helped me a lot.  It was from Aaron Franklin from Franklin BBQ in Texas that I liked the most.


After trimming the Brisket I only used a little “Tony Chachere’s Orginal Creole Seasoning” for thr rub.  Then during the first 6 hours on smoke I sprayed Apple Juice on it.


I also want to add that I used other side of my new smoker I built (not RF side) and it worked out great.  Never move the brisket during the first 6 hours.   When I built the smoker I made a grill side but wanted to be able to smoke in it two so I brought the smoke above the racks and set the chimney below the racks and I like it a lot!


Used only OAK on this smoke (removed bark) and started wood at 0515 wanting to set the Brisket in NLT 0600.




I forgot to take a picture of the Brisket before I placed in the smoker, but heres one I took when I placed it in at 0557 and it was underway.  I planned a 12 hr smoke with plans to wrap it at 6hrs, cook 6 hrs more and rest for 60 minutes and slice.  Cooking temp 220-250 F. Placed it fat side up!




With this being a good size smoker did want to wast the smoke added ribs and chicken help fill the other chamber up around 1000 hrs.



Wanted to show you a shot of the smoker depicting the smoke and heat entering above the racks.  When I desided to have it enter above the racks I had already built the firebox and I made a shut to the top of the firebox and placed it above the rake to allow the smoke and heat to enter.



After the brisket was done and rested I cut the flap off and sliced for the meal.  Smoke ring was great and very happy with the out come. Very tender and moist if I must say so myself.



Sliced the rest of it, cut the flap in 3/4" sq and poured the juice of the cook over it for the final output at 2022 hrs to.



I will start doing more Briskets going foreward.  I wish I could remember the name all the theads I read, because it helped me to have a excellent one smoke of a Brisket!


Wanted to share and hope everyone has a great 2013!













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Pretty brisket! Your smoker is sweet!
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Very nice brisket and smoker

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Loved the smoke ring, well done

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Good looking first Brisket.  I've done quite a few that have come out really good.  Looking forward to dialing in my new smoker and getting the first Brisket out of her.  I planning on a Pork Butt for the first Smoke this weekend.  

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