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Great job..... Will be making this........

I find cooking at 250-275 I do not get the huge stalls, but still get nice rings and flavor...... Much shorter cook times. As you did I remove mine at 195 to rest. I don't wait till it reaches 205 to remove. I plan on carry over to bring me to the finish line.....
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So I finally got my Cuban sandwich, it was a long wait but well worth it!

Stacked the Pernil, some thin sliced ham, Genoa salami and smoked Swiss cheese. Should have had some pickles to be a real Cuban but I really don't like pickles, no mustard here either. I read somewhere that a lot just use butter so I spread a little inside and out side to help toast it up a bit. I wrapped it in foil and into the oven at 400*. I put a baking pan on top and a cast iron frying pan on top of that. Baked for 25 minutes to a toasty cheesy hot juicy sammie!









Needless to say but this was Delicious!!!


So what project do i look for next??

Oh yea, I just got everything I need to start making sausage for Christmas, I guess i need to get busy!!!


Thanks everyone for the nice comments!!!

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MAN, Dave! That hurt so good reading through this and looking over the finished sandwich...nice work!


I slept in a bit today, as I'm off work for a couple days, and I haven't made the time to eat anything yet due to playing catch-up here on the forums, but now I'm definitely over-due...LOL!!!


Thanks for sharing this most successful adventure!




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Dave that sandwich looks excellent!!! Since I have a mini too I guess I have no excuses not to make one for myself!!!

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Awesome Dave. Just awesome. I just finished lunch and the pictures above STILL made me hungry! Way to go!

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Well, Good Heavens! That looks better that I can describe, so THANKS for the photos! 


Excellent work!

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I love Cuban Sandwiches..... grew up eatting them. My friends mom would save the drippings from her roasted pork and mix with some cilantro, lime and garlic. It was like a cold Aus Jus. We would dip the sandwiches in that. It was amazing. Your sandwich looks just like hers did. brings back some great memories..... I like pickles and use dijon on mine with the butter....

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Good grief, Dave! I didn't know about this until I saw it linked in another post, but you did an outSTANDing job, here! Congrats on a great pernil, and also on finding a new way to make pork. I've made this a couple of times over hickory, rather than in the oven, and it simply cannot be beat. Your description here is a great way to describe it:



It just fell apart, I picked the bone up out of it and there wasn't a speck of meat attached to it. Anyway it turned out Fantastic if I may say so myself! It is super tender and juicy but not mushy, still has a nice firm texture and the flavor is incredible, not your typical pulled pork at all. Of course it has a heavy garlic flavor but there is something else there I can't really describe, must be the citrus but it's not a fruity taste.


Also, that pan agua  looks perfect - You did a great job there, and to me, the shape of the bread is jsut fine - who wants their bread looking like it came out of a factory? way to take it over the top, I say! Wonderful Cuban sandwiches ~ even my wife, who is not an adventurous eater, requests pernil and cubanos at least once a month now ~


For any of you who see this and might be interested in trying it ~ my advice is to simply do it, and don't bother waiting. If you have any questions, just ask, and Dave or I can get them answered. This really must be experienced to be appreciated ~

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Wow!  I'm glad Ron bumped this one!!!


Great job on this Dave.  Pernil is on my list to do!



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Beautiful Job!  drool.gif

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That sandwich looks great! I can really appreciate the time you put in to get the pork right, make the bread, and cook it in the oven. A lot of love went into that sandwich!
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