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Bottom round

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Quick Q-view on an inspired dish that I had today. Purchased a 3+ lb bottom round roast at publix today
Did a quick rub down of evoo, salt, pepper, dried rosemary, onion powder,and garlic powder, and placed over Chef Jimmy's Au Jus veggies of red onion, celery, carrots, and garlic,
Smoked in my MES30 until an IT of 132. (Sorry no smoker pics.)
Sliced with my cheap deli slicer and put on hoagie roll with my smoked mozzarella
Completed the jus by simmering veggies and broth in red wine for 30 minutes.
It turned out great. Next time, I'd like to take a day to marinate the beef. But all in all, a great inspired dish for the fam to enjoy.
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Looks great!
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Really looks good! I see you smoked to 132* IT, what temp did you smoke it at? 

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Nice Job!...JJ

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Thanks guys, I appreciate the kind words.
Hey SmokinHusker, I started off at 225, but after a couple of hours, the family was getting impatient, so I bumped it up to 240. I didn't take note of the time, but I'd say it took just over 3 hours before I pulled it. It then rested about 40 minutes while I finished the amazing Au jus
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Thank you!

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Nice looking meat. I like the simplicity of the rub. If you could do it again, what would you marinate it in? Just curious. Thanks.

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You're welcome Smoking. Hey humdinger, I have a few different routes I'd like to try as far as marinades go. I've had good results with zesty Italian dressing. Also I'm thinking red wine, minced garlic, and a few herbs like rosemary and thyme. I'm thinking if I can get all this in a ziplock bag and leave it in the fridge overnight, I should get more flavor. I'm not saying that I didn't like the results (my wife made chipotle Gouda grilled cheeses with the leftovers today).
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Sliced thin?  Great sandwich meat there.


I am still threatening to corn one of those for a lean pastrami.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Yessir sliced as thin as my slicer would go. As far as pastrami, I've made a few in the past couple of months, but I've cheated and bought the beef already corned. I'm dying to corn the beef myself. This might be my next project.
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At 225 how long would it  have taken to smoke your roast?   I'm thinking of trying this tomorrow.     Would like to try and hit a mark with the time table.   Thanks



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Hey Wes, I wasn't really watching the clock but I'd say somewhere between 3 and 4 hours. Probably closer to 3-1/2. Hope this helps

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It does, thanks for the reply.  I'm a little nervous about it.   We are having a few friends over.  I like to try new stuff on my own, but not this time.


I also got a good sized slab of beef fat.  They were trimming beef when I picked up my roast.  If I lay this on top, would it serve the same effect as a bacon wrap?  


I plan to inject it with something ( haven't decided)  and rub it down.



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Hey Wes I did a top round a couple weeks ago. It was just over 3lb. I put it in my MES 30 & it took 3 hours 12 minutes to get from fridge temp to an IT of 137* when I took it out. I smoked it at 225*

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That sound great.  Thanks for the help. 

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How long did you keep the veggies under the roast? Whole time or pull early? I'm attempting this Saturday but was going to skip the veggies due to lack of experience in everything involved.
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