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Christmas Smoke 2012 w/ Qview

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Our first ever Brisket just removed from the foil at Grandmother's house - 1.5 hours away from our Pit...





Same Christmas Brisket served the next day...





Christmas Smoked Beans





Christmas Smoked Cheese





Christmas Smoked Almonds - A Holiday Favorite!





Served Warm...






From Our Family to Yours...

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The brisket looks Fantastic!!

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The smoke ring on that brisket is awesome!  All of it looks fantastic!  drool.gif

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I want me some!  It all looks great!



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Smoked almonds are my new best friend--especially when I'm eating them!  drool.gif

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Awesome job! All the food looks great!

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Great job!
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Looks real good!

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drool.gifEverything Looks-Great.gif......Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family also.......

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Killer job on that Brisket! I almost took a bite out of my monitor just to see.....

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brisket porn

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Thank you!

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You hit it right on the mark with the good smoke ring !!!   Sometimes if the conditions aren't right in the pit you dont get much of a smoke ring.,Yours looks perfect.

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Looks Fantastic. Looks like you put in a lot of hard work so others can enjoy.


Good Job,


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NICE! Great looking smoke ring on the brisket. Those almonds look tasty!

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Question: How did you do your almonds?? I been thinking about doing some myself.




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That looks awesome!   I'm interested in how you do smoked baked beans.  They look awesome!  


My wife says I'm nutty enough with nuts.  :-)


Happy New Year  to you and your family!



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Swampmouse -


SMF features some excellent recipes for all types of end product and the results are amazing! I suggest you choose the right one for you. We start w/ 3 lb. bags of "Wonderful Brand" Natural Raw Almonds (Sam's Club) and usually smoke no less than 6 lbs. at a time. We combine butter, honey, maple syrup, sea salt, nutmeg, and cinnamon, heat until dissolved, and then add the almonds. Smoke at 225 degrees for approx. 1.5 hours. Recommended Wood: Apple.


Again, there are numerous delicious recipes found on the Forum. For our Family, Smoked Cheese and Almonds are a Holiday Favorite...

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Wes W -


SMF features some excellent recipes for incredible Smoked Beans. You might look over all the recipes and choose the best one for you. All our Smoked Beans are smoked in a large cast iron Dutch Oven. We use 1 Gal. Bush's Pinto Beans (Sam's Club) and add maple syrup, honey, venison, smoked brats (sometimes hot links), coarse black pepper, our rub, and onion flakes, Smoke at approx. 225 degrees until, stir often, and wait until contents churn. Recommended Wood: Pecan, finished off w/ a touch of Hickory. Mmmmm good!



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It all looks great! I want to dine at your house next Christmas!!!


Happy New Year!

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