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whats the diameter and length of the 500 gallon tanks? Your doing seperate firebox's ( one for each tank) right?

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They are 36 x 120.  yes they will have separate FB's.  I was wondering about the airflow.  Specifically if there was really any actual advantage to putting air inlets above the fire.  If so, are the inlets below the fire still needed?  Are the upper openings included with the total volume needed?  If not, how big should they be?  If there is not a marked improvement over the lower inlets, then why bother with them at all?


We are designing the smaller trailer in the 3D software program Thursday.  We may end up going with rolled steal for them rather than the 125 tanks.  It depends on the price difference.  But we should have our first build post in the next few days!  I'm so excited!!!

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 First off, thanks for your service and I am glad things are working out for you.


I think with the inlets under the flame the air is fueling the fire and creating more heat. The air from the inlets above it does not get used completely as fuel, but still allows for the draft so you don't get stale bitter smoke. I think plenty of both is the best set up. If you build them to seal off pretty good, then you can have better control of your heat, as well as smoke in the cook chamber.


Just so I don't look too stupid, this is just redneck hypothesis. No scientific evidence has been collected by me to prove this other than playing with a few smokers.

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CONGRATS!!!!! Looking foward to watching the build!!!!!  Smokin.

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I just have to say I love your signature block Jabbo,  Best wishes on the new venture.

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Rasimmo - Thanks for the help but I think your lawyer added that bit at the end.  


Welder - I am pretty excited myself.  It has been a long time coming.  I feel like a kid on Christmas eve.


Workman - That was something I heard a long time ago.  I honestly don't remember where.  I think it might have been my first Drill Sergeant.  I always liked it, but didn't understand it until after my first deployment.  It just kind of rang a little closer to home after that, I guess.  Of course, yours is pretty good, too!

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So just a little FYI for those in Florida and maybe other states as well.  I talked to the inspector today to make sure I understood the regulations and she told gave me some very interesting news.  She said that I do not need a commissary or a mosquito net for anything I do on my trailer.  All I need is some kind of covering if I am preparing food or serving it in open trays.  But since I am going to keep it in the warming box until served and serve it in containers, I don't even need a cover.  I will still use one for shade if nothing else.  I don't need a EID or tax ID.  The events require certain amounts of insurance but all the inspector looks for in cleanliness and food temps.  Even the 3 compartment sink needs to be no more than 3 containers large enough to hold what needs to be washed and the hand washing sink needs only to be warm running water.  This is for a "Temporary Vendors License".  The other mobile unit and catering licenses are different.  Basically it is like a sponsored yard sale for smoked meat.  Too dadgum easy!!!

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What a wonderful story, i am so glad it worked out for you, "There is no greater love than this, A man willing to lay down his life for his fellow man" You are highly esteemed in my book!!!! Thanks for your service!!!!!!!

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TuscaloosaQ, thanks for the kind words, but I am no different than any of you.  I just had a really cool job for a while!

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trying to work with the va is a royal pain.  my original claim in 1999 took a year, but the one i have going on now is over two years. congrsts on the rsting and the business

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You started that smoker yet or what?

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Yes I have.  It is in another thread entitled, "As Promised".  Check it out.  It is mounted on the trailer and should be done in a few weeks.  I even posted some picks.

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Thanks for your service !!!!!!!

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