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Here is the pulled pork today on some nice potato rolls.

Use Jeff's finishing sauce and the mop from the pork sticky. Family loved it.
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Originally Posted by mjwilliams1120 View Post

I ran my new Masterbuilt pro duel fuel for the first time yesterday also. Ran on propane, use the skillet and had no flare ups. Put in a butt, a fattie and a loin later in the day. All came out awesome.

Nice glad it worked for you.  What size was your butt and how long did it take to get to what final temperature?  I had a long haul with a 4 pounder that took 10 hours to get to 200.  I'm wondering if my thermometer on my smoker was off, or if my meat thermometer was off.  Wondering how yours fared?

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7.5 lb butt. 12.5 hours at 225-250. Wrapped in foil at 185ish and finished without smoke. I was amazed how well the smoker maintained the temp.
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Originally Posted by Pelon213 View Post

Anyone know of a good cover for this bad boy?

I'd like to know this as well.  It seems there are suggestions for the XL, but not the 2 door.  Anyone???

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This is the one I have and it seems to have stood the tests of time.


I think I got it on sale for $5.00

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Great nice mods...really looks nice.  You did a great job with it!


Got my MasterCook Dual Fuel Pro for Christmas.  Did some mods right away after reading the forums...put in a cast iron handleless griddle over the top of the round chip pan  (9  1/2") from Amazon.  Put in wood chunks on this pan. I only use chunks in this thing.  Learned that the hard way.  They work so much better than chips.   It keeps the wood from firing up and burning and gives me some real nice smoke and nice blue smoke.  I use a catering type pan that is 4" deep and is about 10 x14 or something like that and put my hot water in that before I put it in the smoker....Amazon.  With this nice deep pan, you don't have to worry about changing out water in the main smoker even after 16 hours.   It also has enough room to catch drippings,  I put this on the last rack in the main smoker cabinet.  I removed the original water pan and that black rack it sits in.


This works out really nice for me.


I also removed the small original MB thermometer and installed the River Country 3" calibrating thermometer with the nice large numbers and colorful dial.  I love it, you can see the dial from far way and from my door of the house.  This way, I don't have to go out to check temperature.  I have the Maverick but still need to see that also.


I also got the MB shelf for the MES; but Masterbuilt says that it fits all their smokers.  Well, by slightly enlarging the screw holes on the shelf, it fits the dual fuel Pro also.  It is a really nice size shelf that fits my Maverick, mopping pot, gloves, and alot of stuff.  Really nice, found it on for $9.


Getting a garden cart this weekend to put the smoker, propane, and my many bags of wood chunks on the cart.  Kinda a all in one that I can wheel it out from the house and keep everything together.  Sometimes, the wind pops up and it will allow me to add some thin plywood or plexi sides around the cart to block the wind from the middle to bottom of the smoker to keep the wind from blowing out pilot lights and cooling off the box.

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I just did the 8" skillet mod but can't get any smoke out of it now, any advice? Sorry for the stupid question!
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Originally Posted by jepense View Post

I just did the 8" skillet mod but can't get any smoke out of it now, any advice? Sorry for the stupid question!

How are you using the skillet?  I put mine right on top of the stock chip pan and have no problem getting as much smoke as I want.  I start with 3 fist sized chunks.

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That's how I did it as well. I can get a little smoke out of it at high temperatures but nothing like I did out of the original chip pan.
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You want a thin blue smoke, aka "TBS"...not a heavy white smoke.  I used the original pan when I seasoned mine and got a lot of white smoke because the chips/chunks would catch fire.  Less smoke means a cleaner fire.

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Hi Guys, I just joined this Forum today and I was wondering if anybody can help me here.  I'm about to purchase the same smoker Masterbuilt Dual-fuel Pro this week and I was wondering if this is possible.  I currently have a BBQ that is natural gas and I was wondering if its possible to modify this smoker so instead of taking a propane tank it can be connected to my natural gas line.  If so what modification I would need.  Thanks in advance

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First time ever smoking anything. I used my masterbuilt pro that my son bought me for fathers day. I really enjoyed it, & the ribs turned out pretty good. My temp was off by 30° & I learned a few things as well. I used the cast iron skillet, just cut off the handle, it worked great.
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Those ribs look good!  Part of the problem with temperature control probably had to do with having that many racks in the smoker.  You can certainly do it, but the more meat you add the higher the "degree of difficulty".  Looks like you did a great job, though.


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To convert your MB Dual Pro to NG simply drill out the gas jet orifice with a 1/16" drill bit. I can maintain temps from as low as 100 to 350. However at the very low temps, the wind can blow the flame out but maintaining 225 is no probmem

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Here's my set up    MB dual fuel, and a suncast cabinet for spare propane, wood chips, and various tools.

My grill is feeling neglected since my wife bought the MB as my Christmas gift.

The preopane tank, and cabinet do a good job blocking wind from the flames... there is a 2x12 behind the smoker, and a mat under it

zero prpblems with the wind blowing the flame out

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Ok so i've seen a great deal of posts about this cast iron skillet going on top of the original pan for the wood chunks. My question is do people also put charcoal in the cast iron pan as well?


I have been using the manufacturer pan to put charcoal and wood chunks in and I have not really had any issues. So are people adding charcoal and wood to these skillet pans or just wood? 

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