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 I got a new Mavrick Thermometeryahoo.gifand a Kindle Fire.

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Congrats! I got one of the vacuum tumblers, AMNPS & Maverick from Todd as my Christmas reward for myself on his Cyber Monday deal. My parents told me last week they got me a sausage stuffer yahoo.gif I will find out what it is when they come for dinner tomorrow. My grandparents & aunt usually go together & get me some sort of gift certificate.


Hope everyone makes out good! smile.gif

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Nothing yet. While I could always use new BBQ equipment, I really don't need it. I'm hoping for an Aussie Locker for a Dana 30.
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My early Xmas gift from the wife was the LE Thermapen w/ flames.


LE Thermapen

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That is Sweeeeet weredid she get that ?
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that sure does look nice.

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Update it was the Large Kindleyahoo.gif.I cant wait I can get on the forum from anywhere now.

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Meat grinder, Grizzly stuffer, Sausage kits and Meat...look out world...a new sausage maker has arrived. Oh, and a First Edition.




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Got a new MAVERICK ET-732 REMOTE SMOKER THERMOMETER, jeans, shirts, and the adoration of the home boss. wife.gif


All in all, not too shabby!

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That is Sweeeeet weredid she get that ?


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I got a new one of a kind custom built smoker from my stepson. It's one step up from a mini smoker.
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I gave my Hubby a total Beer Brewing Kit...and he loves it!

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I think most of y'all are full of crap... with the exception of Hagisan, and NivekD.. cuz as we say


Merry Christmas Everyone
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15 lb. sausage stuffer (actually got that a while ago, but it was/is for Christmas.)
400 vacuum sealer bags.
200 yards of hog casings.
Other mics. sausage making necessities from the SausageMaker.
A couple sous vide books.
The new MC@H book.

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Originally Posted by Hagisan View Post

My early Xmas gift from the wife was the LE Thermapen w/ flames.


LE Thermapen

Looks like mine Hagisan.... you're gonna love it because as we know, black with flames is the fastest.

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Amzps, rubs, spices, 12" carving knife, instant read thermometer (not maverick), man and his BBQ shirt, and tongs.

My birthday is next week and all I have asked for is cuts of meat for my freezer.
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New windows for the house and the biggest gift. Our 3 year old shih tzu/mini poodle mix, Brick, was thought to have full Renal Failure and you don't live with that. Our vet continue to pursue it and found out she had Addison's disease instead. Home she came from the vet, just in time for Christmas. She's the one on the right in my Avatar photo. Thank you Jesus.



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Well...I am SUPER HAPPY to say that I got an AMNPS, 5 lbs. of Pitmaster pellets and 2 lbs. of Oak pellets from Todd (Nice touch putting your card in the box Todd!), some insulated BBQ gloves - very glad to get those - tired of burnt fingers through latex gloves:-), a jerky gun from Academy - for Slim Jims, some clothes, and UGA tie - very dapper, and the new Duck Commander DVD. Life is complete!

Burning off the oil on my AMNPS right now, and will be cooking my second butt this week, but this time with my AMNPS!!!!! Since I knew it was coming, I went yesterday and got a small vent elbow for the top of my MES 30. 


Merry Christmas everybody.



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From my wife and son I got:

5 liter fermenting crock and a sauerkraut making book

Keurig single cup coffee maker

15 of the best Tosh.0 episodes

and most importantly time spent with my family!


My gifts to myself:

A Henry golden boy 22 and a 100mm f2.8 macro lens for my DSLR.

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I must have been a good boy this year........ Now the Qveiw will be spectacular................yahoo.gif

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