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Hello to All,

Somehow I have missed this group, I am glad to join.

I started likemany with smoking fish and now many years down the road it has completely grown out of control. I spent 27 years with my business in Medford Oregon and have been up here in the beautiful SW Washington, Woodland (an exit coming to you soon)

Keep On Smokin,


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yes it was quite the mess, there were so many vehicles everywhere to the point that we could not move around town. I am a mile up the North Fork and HAD to get to Safeway , it took me three hours to get home the 1 1/2 miles.



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Hello fellow Washingtonians,


New to the group, but a big fan of smoked meat. 


Living in Monroe area, and will be getting into a smoker here pretty soon.  Have a question that I'll get out into the regular forum as well.


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welcome aboard! you will find a tremendous amount of information here.


Keep On Smokin,



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Nice to find a group from Washington. I just joined the forum a few days ago, and just joined the smoking community at the beginning  of this year, mainly for smoking salmon and trout, but found out soon enough that pork is awesome and now into trying more things.

  My name is Dave and I live in Auburn, grew up in Federal Way, I am one of Uncle Sam's Misguided Children where I spent time in SOCAL until a company merger opened an opportunity to move back here. Married for over 25 years with 4 grown kids, and older Lab and a 10 month old GSD Sniper. I spend as much free time fishing and hiking as possible.

 I am using an MES 30 and just added the cold smoke unit.

  Great to see so many other fisherman on here.

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welcome1.gif Welcome aboard! You will find great people, great information/help and more to read than time allows

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Welcome. Just be prepared to start making bacon and your own sausage. Everyone here is great and I look forward to seeing the pics of what you smoke.
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Thanks, I am planning on bacon, not sure I will get into making sausage. I am hoping to get out and chase some steelhead in the next few weeks, have not done enough fishing this year. I am terrible about taking pics of food, just never think of it, but I will try when I smoke next, which will be some pork loin and then some salmon after that.

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Just found this group after years of scouring this forum.


My name is Josh I was born and raised in SW Washington in a small town called Bay Center. I now find myself living in St louis Mo but I get back there 2 times a year for Hunting and Fishing.   Bringing my venison and Salmon back to Smoke, Cure, and Process


I have been making summer sausage, Dry cured salami, and Bacon for the last year as well as smoking Brisket, Ribs, and pork shoulders. 

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Josh, :welcome1:....  

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Josh Welcome to this site

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Hey everyone. I just discovered there was a "Washington" group - I had just assumed, at least on the west side of Washington since we have 364 days a year of rain, that nobody would bother. :icon_biggrin:


I guess you could call me a pre-newbie. I am not even to the newbie stage yet, I don't have anything other than a taste for smoked awesomeness. I have no smoker :hit:  and I feel less than a man because of it.  Fortunately, I have begun my journey. I purchased the "Smoking Meat" guide from the website, and already I can feel the manliness flowing and my tastebuds watering. The pics are incredible and I can't wait.....


So, just my long-winded way of saying hi


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Mark....   Welcome.....:welcome1:

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Welcome Mark. You are in the right place to find out about everything smoking, sausage making and much much more. Look around and jump right in



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Welcome to the group. Be prepared to start doing a lot more than smoking meat. There are lots of great people here to learn from and making your own bacon is SOOOO easy.
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Welcome Mark, to your new addiction.  th_4th_of_July.gif

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