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Jaccard Christmas Deal

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Having only two little markets in this small town, you never know if the meat of the week is going to be of great quality or not. Having a way to tenderize is a must.

I have been looking to replace my OLD Jaccard for a while and found these on ebay for about half ( two for $41) of what you would normally pay. New in package with lifetime guarantee and the shipping was FAST and free.





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There the 40 blade jaccards aren't they?
I swear by mine
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48 blade. I swore by mine as well but one of the kids "borrowed" it. With the two fer deal, I gave one out as a gift to my son in law that is just getting into this smoking.grilling thing. 

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Yes 48 sorry.
I swear by mine.
Have you tried salting steaks yet?
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Are the blades removable on the 48 same as they are with the 45?

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I like them and use them.


Be sure they are cleaned well.


Be aware that once used, the meat is no longer considered intact muscle meat and higher internal temps might be required in some situations.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Yes the blades are removable, and the thing is dishwasher safe (upper rack only)


Salting? I like a bit of seasoning on my steaks/chops and if you season before you tenderize, the blade do push some of the flavorings throughout the cut. Don't use too much, the flavor of good meat is hard to beat on it's own.


Merv, THX for bringing that up. One of the side effects of this tenderizer is that the meat cooks much faster. The heat travels through and the internal temps rise quicker. 

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Okay, I have to resurrect this thread.  I'm completely sold on this little device.  They are $19-$20 at Amazon, free delivery with Prime membership. 


I was looking at meat tenderizers when I came across the Jaccard.  It got good reviews on Amazon and here at SMF.  My wife said "heck, for $20 buy it."  When it arrived she confiscated it and wrapped it for Christmas. 


Now, we've been less than happy with steaks from Costco for several years.  They used to be awesome but the ones we can get now at our local Costco can best be described as "tight."  Not tough really, but definitely not melt-in-your-mouth tender.  Way too much chewing.  We swore off steaks from them and paid higher prices at my local grocer when we were in the mood for ribeyes, our favorite cut.   


The first place I went after getting the Jaccard was Costco and picked up a 3-pack of Choice grade ribeyes for $9.99/lb.  They were about 1 1/4"  thick.  Even raw they felt "tight," just like I remembered.  I worked each one over 4 times with the Jaccard.  They spread out and became about a quarter sized larger than they were before I started tenderizing them.  I seasoned the meat then threw them on the Kettle for my usual cook time, 6 minutes a side. 


They cooked faster and were a little more done than I care for; medium instead of medium rare.  While resting there was definitely more fluid loss but OMG they were melt-in-your-mouth tender!  We put the leftovers in the fridge and the meat reabsorbed all the jus. 


I'm sold on this little device and can't wait to use it again on just about anything.  If you want a cheap way to tenderize meat that doesn't involved beating the crap out of it with a meat hammer, the Jaccard is it!   Dishwasher safe too.   

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I've been using one for years. As you've noticed meat cooks a bit faster because the perforations actually increase surface area. Best to use a quick read therm. like a Thermapen and pull from heat around 130 for med. rare. I cut steaks from a deer hind about 1 in. thick & after using Jaccard they meas. about 3/4 in. If it's an older deer I may sprinkle on a little meat tenderizer just to be safe but not usually needed. Brush both sides with evoo and grill on screaming hot grill. D-lish!

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