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Good evening Charles, I almost wish I had not read your reply to my smoke room build. Just kidding of course,

My reason for saying what I just did is because I just gave a over the stove hood away, When we got our new Modular home, It came with an electric range and range hood. We elected to use our existing gas range and our over the stove microwave which has an exhaust fan in it.


I sold the electric range and just gave the guy that hood, never thinking that I may have a use for it later. OH WELL.



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Well Rich

You get crap for keeping everything, then two days after you get rid of something you had sitting around for ten years you need it, never fails

I have my smoker in my attached garage and was trying come with a way to exhaust the smoke outside but you know the vent  so simple duh!!!!

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If you are using wood or gas for fuel, be sure to have a combustion air intake somewhere to keep you alive. A 4 inch flex tube coming out somewhere near the smoker should work.


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Here is mine, it is inside one room of my Tiki Bar... No issues at all, had it that way for 3 months now. Use it at least Twice a week... Only use the AMNS for smoke that way the door is never open....   Have it vented with Dryer vent material outside...

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A range hood vented outside works great.

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I was thinking a vent for the outside. A range hood vent should be the thing. Two more knobs to put on my last custom wood project and some final sanding then I go into retirement from custom work and doing my own thing. Wood or smoking project. Maybe I can build the walls for my little structure in my shop and have the boys haul them out and set them up. Power went out in this snow storm or I would have made the retirement official, over and done about 4:00 this after noon.  

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I need someone to help me - - I live in a duplex and my neighbor has been smoking every single night since February 2015.  All of the smoke and fumes are coming into my home and I have developed a serious allergy to smoke (Mesquite).  He denys this.  He has to be venting it into the adjoining wall or attic.  My home and health are being ruined.  Please give me some suggestions on how to block this smoke.  

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Stop trolling haha.  My plan is to get a shed too at some point and then put my smoker in it.  Whats the smallest I could go and still keep it comfortable?  You guys think one of those 7X7 Suncast sheds would be ok?  They come with a window and I could build a vent.  But that's a project for another day.  Involves a lawn renovation, trees being removed and landscaping etc......  I'll probably be single soon. 

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12 X 14..... TV..... Beer fridge..... WxW carpet... AC for the summer.... and a small butane stove for keeping the Hors d'oeuvres warm.... and maybe a poker table...
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Vented mine with 3" stove pipe through the concrete block wall. Only issue I get is on a windy day, the wind will blow the smoke back into the mailbox mod. I have. Trying to come upwith a solution for that. Maybe some sort of back draft damper?

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