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Originally Posted by dirtsailor2003 View Post

I can get bags of gizzards from one of my local butchers. Never asked about hearts.

Fried gizzards coated in seasoned flour and fried are great!



Case you starting to sound like a good ol southern boy!

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I will have to try this we have a chicken store here.Live chickens come in the back of the store processed out the front. About as fresh as you can get except if you raise them your self.We eat chicken hearts and livers often but dip them in spiced up egg wash and flour then fry.



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I don't mix hearts,livers & gizzards.

I think hearts are best stand alone because they taste different ,but thats just me.

I was trying to work of the South American style of char grilled ,paridilla. Had an Argentinian meal last night ,mixed meats & sausages grilled over charcoal served with dipping sauces  share plate for 2.

They had a version with chitterlings, blood sausage,beef heart ,skirt steak .You could upsize with a side of kidney,sweetbreads,liver.

I had to play safe & went with skirt steak,chicken, short rib,sausage but snuck a side of morcilla(blood sausage) in . Its about a 5 minute walk from my house:yahoo:

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I've got 1lb marinating in a mixture of Red Wine, Worsty Sauce, lemon juice and water right now for tomorrow afternoon!


Interesting about the 5 mins each side, my Brazilian friend who turned me on to these used to grill them for about a hour, but they did feel kind of gritty and over done. I"m planning to smoke them so i might smoke for 10 mins and check IT, hopefully that's enough time to get SOME smoke penetration

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Just bumping this because somebody was asking!
Char grilling my pick of method but that's just me.
Style same thing ,I like that Basque style of cooking ,I had bacon so that's the direction I went. I think they are best a little pink otherwise they are gritty when taken to well done. Again just me.
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This one deserves a bump!


Mike, I agree on the mixing.  If I had to mix it would be hearts and livers.  But I would prefer not to.


The gizzards definitely need their own treatment.


The darn Basques just had and have a way with food!


They are also the greatest friend you will ever have if they accept you!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Way back in the early 90s I spent a week in the Pays Basque region of France. Great place all round,food,people,wine & countryside.
I wouldn't mix them I like hearts separate .
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