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Uncured Bacon

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I have read many of the posts here on curing and smoking bacon and planned to try some when I arrive back at home next month.

I am not having much luck learning about uncured bacon. I had some at a friend's house last month and it was very good. he is on a strict diet due to health reasons and the nitrates in cured bacon mess him up. His wife found uncured bacon somewhere and it is very good.

Any tips on the how to of uncured?

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Bacon is not bacon, if it's not cured.....

Uncured bacon is called "Side Pork", and just does not taste the same as cured bacon


If you look closely the label on his bacon package, it will most likely contain "Celery Juice"

Celery Juice contains nitrites, and in concentrated form, is used to cure bacon.



Here's a great article to read


It's a play on words that the marketing world is using right now

No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Thanks, guys!

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One more question;

What if I "cured" one pork belly slab in just salt water? Would it give me the "bacon" taste?

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No it would give you salt pork.

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