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Originally Posted by jekern1015 View Post

Sure can tell I'm new at this. I smoked a ham for dinner today using this post as my inspiration, maybe I should have read the directions a little better. My ham came full of smoke flavor a plus but it had a sour taste to it. One thing I noticed that I did different was I combined the syrup honey and brown sugar and poured that mix on top of the ham. Any suggestions on why it became sour to the taste.


was it sour or a bitter taste?  what type of smoker are you using?  i really can't see why there would be a sour flavor...every thing that is added to this is "sweet"...combining the syrup, honey and brown sugar is fine...the only thing i can really think of is you may have put "to much" smoke to it creating creosote...which will give your food a very bitter flavor..

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Originally Posted by crpngdth2001 View Post

Just made this today, coming off the smoker in about 15 minutes. Looks exactly like everyone else's pics. Snuck a piece, tastes awesome! Thanks for the recipe / process :)

your welcome...i'm very happy that you enjoyed this

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This looks amazing! So you did NOT keep the skewers in while it smoked?
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Looking good. I may have to try this out this weekend.

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Originally Posted by Bigboy View Post

This looks amazing! So you did NOT keep the skewers in while it smoked?


I also question as to why you would need to skewer the ham if it's going to be in a pan?

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The skewers allow you to fan out the ham so the glaze and brown sugar can get in between the slices better. It isn't necessary, just helpful
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Did you add anything to the bottom of the pan?
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I didn't Bigboy. I put the ham in the foil pan without any roasting rack or anything. Just did a ham today with a different glaze recipe. I used 1/3 cup grade A dark amber maple syrup and a stick of butter. Heated them in a saucepan over low heat until combined,then stirred in 2 tbsp of brown sugar. Heat just until combined,don't boil. Drizzle glaze over the ham and smoke for 3 hours or so.
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like bus 1982 said...i do keep the skewers in so i can fan the meat out

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It also helps the ham heat through a little quicker by fanning out the slices. I don't think 3 hours would get it warm all the way through if it were left together.

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Thanks for posting, made this today. Smoked 3 hours with cherry then cranked Heat for the last hour to warm it up some as it was only 98* after 3 hours. Came out amazing.

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Looks Amazing Too



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