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A white christmas would be great...i love snow, It's an excuse to call into work, get up late, light a fire, drink something alcoholic, and smoke some food. I have a few racks of ribs just waiting, and a bottle of jack. Sadly i think the chance of something really sticking is slim.
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th_crybaby2.gifI think your right. Was hoping for white xmas

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Go East.... Go East.....  We have plenty..... another 14" projected by noon tomorrow.....  Aren't we lucky .. biggrin.gif

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Hey everyone,


New to this forum but am on the I have a big green egg that I got this last April 2012. Enjoying very much! Live out in Port Orchard, Wa but work at JBLM for a commercial contractor.

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Hello guys, I'm new to smoking but have learned a bit in a short period of time. I'm looking for a 14.5 WSM or a person to build me a custom mini. Anyone....I'm located in tacoma
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Gamedog, morning....  Can you put your location in your profile ??    BTW, Welcome...

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Thank you Dave
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Howdy, Gang!  Can an almost Washingtonian join?  I'm over in Coeur d'Alene, so practically Spokane!  I have experience with a pit smoker, but have settled into the convenience of a pellet (Traeger) and a Vision egg.  Always looking to find locals to get together and try out new dishes/techniques.  I also happen to enjoy microbrews and small distillery whiskeys...



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:welcome1:... To anyone that wants to join the Wa. group....   Dave....

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