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Need some rib rub help!

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Guys (and Gals),


I am in charge of our christmas dinner this year and we are having ribs.  Since it is for Christmas I want to make a rub that is a Christmas themed rub and I have been thinking about using gingerbread in the rub.  I have a couple of question for you more experienced and good recipe developers.  Can/Should I just eleminate the sugar in my normal rub and replace it with dried gingerbread?  develop a whole new rub (need some help if that happens).  I am planning on making a cherry glaze to go on top of the ribs so that is going to play into the development process.

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Gingerbread has cinnamon, ginger and cloves in it, you should use those 3 ingredients in the rub, perhaps with some molasses powder if you can find it. Save the gingerbread for dessert.

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I added some cinnamon to a batch of Jeff's rib rub. I liked it, a lot.

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