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dba 1954,


What Cookshack model do you own? By chance an FEC100? Could you be a bit more specific when you say that the final product coming from the Cookshack does not compare in taste than from your Lang 36 patio deluxe? What exactly are you saying the difference is?

Now, let me say that I smoke quite regularly on a Lang 60 Deluxe as well as a Lang 108 Deluxe and the butts/briskets are moist and the taste is outstanding.

I am not sure if you have watched the Kingsford BBQ Pittmasters Championship on the Discovery America channel on TV where Myron Mixon, Tuffy Stone, Aaron Franklin and others have been judges but on this years final episode all three contestant were required to smoke on a Lang 60 or 84, can't remember which but the end result was that the final winner for the $50K prize won with the Lang.


Now, an interesting note, however, was that a well know National "Q" Competition Champion who is on the circuit big time is a guy by the name of David Bouska from Buthcher's BBQ in Kansas. www.ButcherBBQ.com .

David was one of the final three competitors and he swears by and has won all of his long list of "Q" Championships on a Cookshach  FEC 100.


I have never had the opportunity to smoke or use an FEC100 to make any comparisons but I can say that last year my wife and I attended a huge restaurant suppliers show at the Orlando, FL Convention Center and Cookshack had a booth there. They gave away samples of brisket for people to taste and it was extremely good.


I will be most interested in hearing what your experiences have been comparing the two smokers and the difference in taste of the same items smoked.

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I see where you are coming from, my CS is not a FEC100 (I only wish). I have a very small Sm025 Cook Shack. It only has a temperature range of 140-300. It is very easy to use, set it and forget almost. The CS has an annoying 'flaw' . When you put wood in the firebox it lets off some very harse smoke for quite a while that can impart a bad type of smoke flavor. It's okay if you put the wood in to start and wait till you get blue smoke, but adding wood mid stream I do not like. The Lang produces some white smoke when wood is added but it can be totally mitigated by preheating the wood and opening the pinwheels and fire box door for a few minutes. The other thing is I find the SM025 too small and the 300F very limiting. It's big enough to cook for family but way too small for a party. The FEC100 is way out of my price range ($4k) and I agree I've heard a lot of people win competitions with them, the Sm025 is not in that class at all. The CS does have it uses. It's great at low temperature smokes like for smoking sausage which I can't do with the Lang very well so I will be keeping both. As for the over-all quality of the product it produces, I smoked a 17# packer in the Lang the other day (would not have fit in the CS) by a hot and fast method @350F, it was by far the best brisket tasting & moist I have every done. smoke taste was great and at 350f  I am able to get it done in a lot less time.  It is a lot more work tending but I find that enjoyable.  The two units I have are in the same price range ...


SM025 (cost $850)

  - can produce harse smoke, taste. Need to be careful

  - limited to 300F max

  - only two racks, very small, 14" * 18" shelves

  - bottom rack very close to heat source so if using both have to shuffle to get consistency.

  - good at low temperature smoking (@140) although wish it could be lower for sausage smoking

  - great when weather is bad, less tending too

  - can be ready in 20 minutes to start cooking

  - a little messy to clean

  - 20-25 # of meat would be tops but at that loading the moisture level effects the back (sealed unit)


Lang 36" Patio (cost $1095 but shipping is expensive - weights 600#)

  - larger cooking area (30" * 18.5" bottom and 23.5" * 16" top)

  - temp range ~180-450

  - fairly even heat distribution except on area over the fire box

  - good at cold temps (1/4" rolled steel)

  - cleans with hose when smoker is hot which is easy but a problem when 10F outside

  - not great for low temperature smokes (ie 140)

  - to me, it imparts a much better tasting smoke flavor

  - a lot of work learning how to control heat, chopping firewood and tending

  - 60-72 # of meat but that would be a big cramped. They claim 2 16# briskets and 4 10# butts would fit but that would be packed.

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Thank you for the update and your comments.

Glad to hear that you are enjoying your Lang stick burner and having some great results. Sounds to me like you must live up in the north area or perhaps out in the mid west. The Lang is relatively easy to clean as you stated but certainly a challenge trying to use a hose with water at 10degrees. I haven't been in that cold weather for a while.


I would like to share a couple of things with you that I have learned smoking with the Lang's that you might find beneficial.

First is addressing a bit about your temp issues. Here is what I do and have had great success locking in the temperature consistently over my entire cooking time 10-12 hours with  temps varying a degree or two +- . When you start your fire.......using dry cured wood, take the temp up to about 350 degrees. Now a note: I smoke in the low and slow mode as I like the end results a little better but certainly nothing wrong with hot and fast. After getting your temp up, close one of your pin wheels on the right side of the firebox and leave the other pin wheel open about 1/2 inch.

On the other side of your firebox keep both pin wheels wide open or adjust one slightly to get your temp exactly where you want it.

When I get a great bed of hot embers in the firebox I keep one pinwheel wide open and the other about 1/2 way open on the left side of the firebox. I can lock in my temp at 225-230 for hours on end with no problem.


Now, I use pretty much use all oak to smoke with and love "Post Oak" from Texas. I will sometimes add a few splits of apple or cherry to change the flavor of the butts or briskets, chicken or ribs. Adds a nice change.

If you need the name of a good wood supplier who will provide you with outstanding wood in chunks, splits (6-7") or (12 - 16") let me know.

One thing that I have learned smoking with the two Lang's and I would suspect any stick burner is, the big difference in the flavor of your food when you smoke with good cured dry wood. It also makes a BIG difference in how easily you can maintain your fire and embers.


I have been looking very hard at the Lang 48 patio smoker to upgrade to from my Meadow Creek SQ36 but I have two good friends on the "Q" Competition Circuit that are pushing hard for me to get a Fast Eddie FEC100 especially since I love the low and slow smoking method.

Both I am sure have there benefits, pro's & con's and I need to sort that out. In some ways I liken it to many years ago purchasing a PC/Laptop to use. I kept looking at this one and that one and reading about all of them adding new features monthly and for a while found myself in a world wind of waiting and waiting. I finally had several good friends tell me that if I stay in that mode I will NEVER have a PC/Laptop. Unlike the computer hardware market where the technology is changing by the hour smokers do not but one has to get a grip and make a decision and go from there.


I think that if were to win the Powerball or the Florida State Lottery, I would just by both and then know that I have it all.

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The FEC100 is nice but boy is that expensive. If I was going to do competition then maybe .... btw I'm in western NY .. Buffalo area. It does gets cold and windy... tomorrow morning will be 8f. I almost bought the 48" patio, thought I'd never need the size but in hind site I wish I had just to have more room, although I now have 2 smokers and my wife keeps says I should be very happy :)  .. I found a great source of wood. The guy is retired and all he does is sell wood. I give him a call, tell him it's for my smoker and he hand picks the splits for be as best he can. I tell him nothing over 17" and small diameter and most of it is good. Good selection of types to pick from. He's got Oak, Maple, Hickory, Cherry ... Although I never smoked with Oak ..


Good luck on your choice.

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There is a great satisfaction from building your own pit designed to deliver your own signature flavor to your BBQ, if you have the means and ability, I would highly recommend giving it a shot at least once. There are tons of resources and members available right here on this site that can help you build a way better smoker than you could ever purchase from any of these manufactures.
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Originally Posted by dba1954 View Post

I just got a lang 36" patio about 1 1/2 months ago ... I also have a Cookshack. While the CS is easier (set and forget) the final product does not compare with the Lang. I also picked up an electric BOSS 5 ton log splitter and split my wood small, less then or equal to a beer can diameter. If I'm doing low and slow (225-250) I chop them in half on a miter saw and use a charcoal basket ( a Lang option), if not leave them at 16-17". The Lang holds temperature real good, even at 10-15f. I did a brisket the other day using Myron Mixon's hot and fat method (ie 350f) and it was the best brisket I've every cooked. To anyone reading this ... buy a Lang, you will not be disapointed. ... btw the method to clean is to run a garden hose on it while still hot... works great. In the winter with sub freezing temps I can't do that so I've been putting everything in a tin foil pan ... works great and the taste doesn't seem to suffer...... and no cleanup

Buy a cheap pump up type garden sprayer , fill with water and you are good

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I just started cooking on a Lang 84 Deluxe. So far I cook good chicken at 350 degrees. Beef I tried brisket and tritip and both came off dry. Not sure why yet. I can cook a good tritip on a regular weber grill thats juicy so I don't understand why my meat is dry using the Lang. I injected the brisket and wrap it at 175 and finnish it in foil and it ended up dry when it reach 200 degrees. My tritip I did not inject and pulled it at 150 degrees and it was dry. I pulled it a little too rare. My goal is to cool tritip to med well and have it juicy. We don't like rare. I cook one to rare and it was dry. not sure why its so dry. The only new thing is now Im smoking with a Lang smoker

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I've cooked 2 packers so far on my Lang, one at 225-250F and the other via Myron Mixon Hot and Fast method at 350F. Both came out good with the H&F method winning out.  What temperature did you cook it at ? When I do the 225-250F (on my cook shack and once on the Lang) method I usually foil at 160 with a little apple juice and pull at ~190-195f internal (check for tenderness). The H&F is a totally weird process but really works, it's posted on line. You basically foil after 2.5 hours, cook a few more (till 205f) and then FTC for 3+ hours. Very moist.  Have not tried a flat however. Was yours a flat and did it have a fat cap?     The Lang 84 is a fantastic smoker .. good luck.


Can't help you on the tritip, never tried one.

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I live in tri tip country over here. We usually smoke it directly over embers of red oak, takes about 1-2 hours to cook depending on size. Comes out nicely browned crusted on the outsid and medium juicy on the inside. Here I cooked it on the lang chargriller and had the trip tip cook over a couple of red oak log flames for a few minutes while it burned to coals and embers. Of course the flames where not directly touching the meat. Just providing heat and smoke. I have also smoked it the smoker side of the 36 hybrid and comes out very juicy. I cook it hot and fast until it reaches 135 IT. At 160 it is on the well done side, still juicy but anything higher that 160 IT would dry out the tri tip.

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Originally Posted by SmokinNascarFan View Post

I just started cooking on a Lang 84 Deluxe. So far I cook good chicken at 350 degrees. Beef I tried brisket and tritip and both came off dry. Not sure why yet. I can cook a good tritip on a regular weber grill thats juicy so I don't understand why my meat is dry using the Lang. I injected the brisket and wrap it at 175 and finnish it in foil and it ended up dry when it reach 200 degrees. My tritip I did not inject and pulled it at 150 degrees and it was dry. I pulled it a little too rare. My goal is to cool tritip to med well and have it juicy. We don't like rare. I cook one to rare and it was dry. not sure why its so dry. The only new thing is now Im smoking with a Lang smoker

just noticed. It does not make any sense to have a tri tip roast be 150 internal temp and still be rare. At 150 it should be close to well done. Maybe your themometers are off. If you see a smoke ring that in pink, that does not mean it is rare. Also try to buy tri tip that more of an even size from tip to tip. Most tri tips are plump in the middle and thin on the tips. Try to avoid those and buy at least choice grade.

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I just got my new Temp gauges in today. I was trying to cook it to rare and finish it off over fire but my fire was not too hot. I don't want rare and I don't want it too cook, I want it between rare and medium that still juicy. If I just smoke it next time Im going to take it out 5 degrees before I want for the rest down period. 



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I should of bought mine with a char grill now that I think about it. My plan now is to get a Santa maria style grill made and put it on the front of the trailer where the wood basket is now. I took a bbq class and he smoke it to rare and finish it off over flames. I think thats the way to do it. I will be trying again. My problem is no one likes rare in my house and thats where most people cook it too. I need to get it just beyond rare where it just starts to become medium. 

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Cooking over wood flames is the only way imho to do authentic santa maria style. Having the barrel cooker chargriller form lang helps to make it even better. Smoking it and cooking after over open flames is similar to what i do for mine. In that pic with the flames raging in the back, I close the lid and because the burning wood is not directly over the tri tip, I am esentially smoking it. But only do tjhat for about 10-15 minutes. Then I open and let those flames calm down tu glowing red ember and finish off. The advantage of the lang is that it has two levels to move the grill grate.

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We'll for me it's too late on getting the lang chargrill. I'm either going to build one or buy one. The one in the picture would fit on the front of my smoker if I removed the wood basket and maybe extended the trailer on the front. I wanted a smoker but I got to be able to make good tritip

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If you only cook one tri tip at a time, maybe you could get a small santa maria cooker from santa maria bbq outfitters. I've have seen them in costco summer time for $189, or you can drive down to the santa maria area and they sell those pretty much everywhere including albertsons, homedepot or just go to the factory. They are well built 3/16 welded steel. They sit nicely on top of a 17x17 firebox for a lang 36. I am sure it would fit in your trailer basket as well.


CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), default quality

(pic taken from the lang website http://lang.myfreeforum.org/TRI_TIP_about555.html)

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I would like to cook 10 at a time. I would like something that has a lid option. I go to the strawberry fest every year in April but I need something sooner. I have ways of building my own but have to find a good system to raise it and lower the grate. Making one is a option. I could of made the lang smoker but thought I would just buy the first one. My next smoker I think I will be making it.
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if money is not an issue, check out the klose backyard grills, the one called "my favorite backyard grill of 2013". It sells for 3200 but it has the name klose on it with all the reputation and is made out of 1/4 steel. Santa Maria style adjustable grill grate with a wheen, vented firebox, and two smokestack hood.  its 48x24, plenty for 10 tri tips or more. This will me my next grill.

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I will heck into this one. Thank you! I seen one like it on bobby flay bbq addiction and it sells for almost $5,000. I'll google klose and see what I find.
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Did you finally go with the Lang 36 patio? I don't think you will be disappointed if you selected this smoker.

I cooked 25 slabs of spare ribs and a bunch of chicken for a local high school football team awards banquet and everything came out awesome as usual. Holding the temp at 215-220 was no problem.

I cooked everything on a Lang 108.

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Just got me a "36" Hybrid Deluxe Run-About BBQ Trailer Smoker Cooker w Deluxe Warmer Box Char-grill Mobile Trailer"

In this picture I am Seasoning it if you look you can see the smoke coming out of the stack. After I did that the next day (sorry no pictures) I broke it in by Smoke-in 2 Briskets(1-20lb 2nd-10lb) 4 Pork Shoulders (between 5lb- 9lb.) 2 Racks of Ribs and some sausage. I used a combination of Mesquite, Pecan and a little Oak.

I have not used the Char-grill yet just slow and low so far

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