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I purchased a Bradley (4)rack one - about two months ago - and write up is completely different than

what I have experienced -  It's prefect !  I have smoked ribs, chicken, salmon and a turkey breast -


no issues - you should have them replace it -

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Had mine for 4 plus years and it works great

Colorado Springs, CO
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Have had a Bradley Smoke Generator for about 4 yrs. now, No complaint works great. I love that I can load it and forget it.

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I am very pleased with my Bradley smoker. However, it is advaisable to drill a hole and introduce a meat thermometer in the smoker to make sure the temperature is correct. For those who is keen on saving money on the pellets, just take a branch of desired wood and cut discs to the size of the pellets. Make sure they are dry, otherwise you will just get steam for a period before they will produce any smoke. It is the same with the pellets, keep them in a very dry place.


Yngve Strom


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Hi All,


I am hoping someone can help... I've just used my Bradley 4 rack digital smoker for the first time.  I am using the Hickory wood and after two hours of operation I notice that it hasn't "smoked" any of the wood.  The wood chips are just pushed into the bowl... the heat is working fine, but the smoke does not work at all.  I have set the correct settings for Oven Temp and Smoke Temp... does anyone know what I can do to possible fix this?


Very disappointing...

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Here is a link to the Bradley posts on this forum.  Hopefully you can find some help here.  Otherwise, call customer service.  Best of luck to you.

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Hey guys im tossin up between the 4 and 6 rack digital or analog...? Plus should i be modding it with the extra element? Im sumwhat of a noob so any advice would be great thanks..
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I would go 6 rack and digital.  If not, a year from now you might be wanting more space and the accuracy of the digital controls vs analog.  Buy it once, buy it right.....


You can always mod it later.

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I agree with you.  I have had a bradley smoker for 4 years or so.  After the first year (out of warranty) I had to replace the temp control unit, it went bad.  The following year I had to replace again.  the 3rd year it failed again, so I purchased a PDI controller installed it with another burner.  (forgot to mention I also had to replace an element in the unit the 2nd year)  the 4th year I went to use it and now the bisquette burner has gone bad.  43 bucks to replace it.  Every year I have issues with it.  I only use it a couple times a year.  Crap made, and parts are 4x what they should cost.  Of course Bradley won;t stand behind anything after a year.

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Walmart has all the bisquettes online.​

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The thermostat in my Bradley smoker gives the right temperature, however, only where the sensor is located. When I placed one meat thermometers at the top and one 150 m.m. from the bottom, the temperature could differ almost 20 C, although the smoker was empty. Air and water does not mix as one would expect. Temperatures in tanks can vary a lot from top to bottom.

To solve the problem I drilled a 7 m.m. hole at the top and fixed a 4 speed electric kitchen whip on top of the smoker. The whips were of the type with 5 m.m. wide steel blades, so it was just to cut away the center and form one as a propeller. A small propeller from a model airplane would probably be better. However, this gives a much more even temperature in the smoker. Adjust it to give an even temperature, but not more, as that might make the products too dry.

A fan like this would be a good Product for Bradley.

Yngve Strom

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I have owned the 4 rack digital Bradley smoker for about six years.  It is without question the best smoker that I have ever used.  The negative review posted here may be the posters individual experience, but it is very different from the word of mouth experiences that I have gotten from several "meat smokers" with whom I am familiar.

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I am looking to buy a larger smoker than what I have.  The first thing I did when I saw the Bradley 6 rack smoker was to come here for a review.  This is the first thread I found.  It's interesting that the originator of the thread never replied to any of these intelligent comments.  Makes you question the original post.  


With that said, has anyone used the 6 rack smoker?  I will continue to search.  If I don't hear back, I'll open a new thread. 

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Here are a few other smookers I guess you already have seen.

There is also a rather new type, feeding sawdust with a screw,like a meat mincer. I will come back on that later.

I will also come back on how to ease the problem with the huge temp differencens  in Bradeley smookers.

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Hello again Rob


Here is another maker of smokers using saw dust.

See Borniak UW - 70 and - 140.

Looks interesting

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A few month ago a friend of mine and I, again made tests with checked thermometers at top center and bottom and another friend has done similar tests. It confirms that the temperature on the display can be up to 20 deg C higher than what those thermometers indicate. Most likely caused by the hot air stream coming up from the heating element  along the rear wall. The temperatures also differs between top and bottom, but not so much. At the beginning they all show the same temp. The fan I have built in reduces these differences, but further tests are required to say how much.


The temperature also wearies + - 5 deg C during the process, due to hysteres  and heat built up in the heating element.The friend mentioned , a computer genius, is in the process of making a much more sophisticated control unit, also incorporating a fan in the smoker, to solve the problem with swinging temperatures.  I will come back on that when it is ready.


However, with one or two thermometers placed where the meat or fish is and the temperature is set to get the desired temperature there, the Bradley smoker produces really good products and the risk of overheating connected with wood fired smokers is eliminated.

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Originally Posted by wan2smoke View Post

Have had my Bradley digital for going on 2 years now. Yes, the temperature reading is off significantly but I knew that before I bought it by reading here. I bought a good external thermometer that I trust and have had no problems since. In the beginning I had one issue with the with the bisquette burner but that was resolved with a simple phone call to Bradley. I have cooked brisket, pork shoulder, turkey and chicken with no issues since.

I have found that most temperature gauges on BBQ's, Grills and smokers are inaccurrate. I spent many hours reading here in these forums before I ever purchased my smoker and I am glad I did it. It made aware of the shortcomings and advantages of the smokers I was looking at. Please avail yourself of the FAQ's and specific forums here to learn about your device.

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I love mine so far. What kind of temp gauge did u buy
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Originally Posted by Yngve View Post

The temperature also wearies + - 5 deg C during the process, due to hysteres  and heat built up in the heating element.The friend mentioned , a computer genius, is in the process of making a much more sophisticated control unit, also incorporating a fan in the smoker, to solve the problem with swinging temperatures.  I will come back on that when it is ready.

Yngve, any update on the controller? I've got a spare PID sitting around that I could potentially use, but I'd like to see what you've done first.
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A friend of mine started ambitiously with a new devise for governing the temperature in the smoker, but his workload has delayed the project, so I think it is not worth waiting for that. He has got all the components required including new sensors that he has calibrated.

He has also acquired an alternative smoke producer using saw dust  fed onto a hot plate by a rotating spring, that looks promising. He has fixed it to the Bradley smoker by using an adapter plate.

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