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I thought about the extra drain at the bottom of the smoker too but it's just more work than necessary. What I do is Lift the front up on the smoker and let it drain out of the firebox.
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It is RibWizzard who has a removable RF plate in one of his smokers. He mentions it in the thread discussion for my upcoming build (which is still on hold til probably after the first of the year).

Good luck with your build Brian... look forward to watching the progress!

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Did someone mention my name????


Here is the removable reverse flow plate I made.

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Sits higher at the firebox end,  I had to go with a removable one due to the propane burner I wanted acces to to clean.


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Hey RW........ Now I remember seeing that.....  ain't CRS wonderful....... 

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Nice pizza oven...Belated welcome as well.............439.gif

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Nice work ribwizzard
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[IMG][IMG] I got started on Saturday with my build. I have alot of grinding to do yet.
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Looks like  your making progress...........icon14.gif

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Originally Posted by ChinaSmoke View Post

I had the same issue with excessive heat until I installed a baffle similar to what Dave had posted earlier
I would deffinatly not install the stack way in the chamber. I did that at first and had to cut it out , way too much smoke and follow the stack length closely. I had mine a little too long and the smoker ran hot and inconsistent.



Yep and you can always extend it with an adjustable mod.




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Question about Chimney size, I know that the chimney should be about 5% of firebox volume. My firebox is 24x24x21 and that calls for ----- but I did a ash pan under the fire grate, so that measurement adds 4" to the firebox height (28x24x21). The question is, does the ash pan volume needed to be figured into the 5% for the chimney or not? Anyone      Thanks.

  PS. Merry Christmas and have a Happy and safe New Year's to all.

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The question is, does the ash pan volume needed to be figured into the 5% for the chimney or not?


I would say YES.... we are talking about volumes of heated air to move... If  you tripled the size of the firebox the original stack would not move enough heat, as an example..... 

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I have to agree with Dave.  It is all about air volume.

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Thanks, I hope to get back to work on the smoker by the weekend or the first of next week. More pictures then.

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Looks good so far. What did you use to make damper slide tracks? I was thinking about using flat bar for the outside with a small strip the same thickness as the slide plate under it. Yours look like angle though.

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Looking good.
Rasimmo I used ¼" angle iron on mine. Just make sure it has some slop or it may be tough to slide when the firebox heats up.
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I used 1" angle and trimmed it down to the size I need, it was free.

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